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A tribute to ‘Ancestors of the Middle Passage’

By June 27, 2014
Ancestors of the Middle Passage

Brooklyn, N.Y. — On June 14 from noon to sunset, the 25th annual “Tribute to Our Ancestors of the Middle Passage” took place at the “Ancestors’ Circle” on Brooklyn’s Coney Island boardwalk. The takeaway message from the organizers was: “We will never forget you and we will never turn our backs to you.” The tribute […]


Africa-South America Summit calls for cooperation

By March 10, 2013

Some 63 governments from two continents took part in the Third Africa-South America Summit, held in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea, under the theme “Strategies and Mechanism to Promote South-South Cooperation.” Participants included 20 heads of state from Africa and five from South America. Earlier ASA summits were held in Nigeria in 2006 and Venezuela in 2009. […]


Chávez returns to Venezuela

By February 18, 2013
President Chávez's first public photo since his surgery in December. Taken Feb. 14 in Cuba, the smiling president is seen with his daughters Rosa Virginia and María Gabriela.

In the early morning of Feb. 18, a surprising tweet from chavezcandanga, the twitter account of Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez, announced his return to Venezuela: “We have returned to our Venezuelan homeland. Thank you my God! Thank you beloved people! Here we will continue the treatment.” Two more tweets followed, thanking Fidel and Raúl Castro […]