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Postal Service

On the picket line

December 28, 2014

New labor regs speed up unionization process The National Labor Relations Board issued a new set of rules on Dec. 12 to streamline the process for workers who want to join unions. While previously, workers filing for union representation had to wait as long as a month before union elections could [...]

As postal bosses meet in D.C., unions rally against downsizing

November 20, 2014

Officials at the headquarters of the U.S. Postal Service in Washington, D.C., kept an angry, overflow crowd in the lobby during a Postal Board of Governors meeting on Nov. 14. After chanting “Whose post office? The people’s post office!” and other slogans for over an hour, the boisterous [...]

Protests in 50-plus cities say: ‘U.S. mail is not for sale’

May 1, 2014

Philadelphia postal workers picket low-wage Staples store. The postal service wants to outsource jobs there.WW photo: Joseph Piette More than 50 protests were held in 27 states on the April 24 “National Day of Action Protest to ‘Stop Staples!’” Postal worker unions demonstrated outside [...]

Chicago postal protest previews April 24 rallies

April 12, 2014

Chicago — Over 700 postal and other workers walked a picket line in front of a Chicago area Staples store on April 5.  The protesters marched back and forth over the block-long sidewalk for an hour and a half, chanting “Whose Postal Office?  The People’s Post Office!” Many [...]

On the picket line

March 21, 2014

Unions unite to defend public postal service The four unions that together provide the service in the U.S. Postal Service formed a historic alliance on March 11. They vowed to stand together to fight right-wing attacks on the USPS. According to the proclamation announcing the alliance, a [...]

‘Save the Bronx Post Office’ rally held

October 4, 2013

Bronx, N.Y. — “The Postal Service is under siege” was how Chuck Zlatkin, political director of the NY Metro Area American Postal Workers Union, characterized the struggle to save the U.S. Postal Service on Sept. 21. Zlatkin was chairing a forum at the Lincoln Hospital Center in the Bronx. [...]

Activists protest postal service privatization

September 20, 2013

Members of Communities and Postal Workers United and Community- Labor United for Postal Jobs and Services attended the quadrennial AFL-CIO convention here from Sept. 8 to 11. The postal activists were there to broaden the movement to save the U.S. Postal Service. They handed out hundreds of [...]

Activists honor post o

September 8, 2013

WW photo: Johnnie Stevens A delegation from Community-Labor United for Postal Jobs and Services attended the national convention of Postal Office Women for Equal Rights, held at the National Association of Letter Carriers headquarters in New York on Aug. 24. The CLUPJS members saluted the work of [...]

Save the people’s post office

August 12, 2013

Without question, the big-business class — and their agents in the U.S. Postal Service headquarters, the executive branch and Congress — are on a path to dismantle the Postal Service, privatize the profitable parts of it, and neutralize or destroy the postal unions. Their whole economic system [...]
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