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Save the people’s post office

August 12, 2013

Without question, the big-business class — and their agents in the U.S. Postal Service headquarters, the executive branch and Congress — are on a path to dismantle the Postal Service, privatize the profitable parts of it, and neutralize or destroy the postal unions. Their whole economic system [...]

Berkeley, Calif., says: Save the People’s Post Office

August 1, 2013

WW photo About 200 people rallied on July 27 “in direct defense of our post office” on the steps of the threatened historic main post office building in downtown Berkeley, Calif. The rally was part of a national weekend of action to save the U.S. Postal Service, including actions at threatened [...]

U.S. and British postal workers fight privatization

July 23, 2013

A British parliamentary spokesperson announced on May 13 that the world’s oldest postal service would be privatized this fall.  Royal Mail  opened to the public in 1635. The U.S. Postal Service, originally part of the British postal system, is also threatened with privatization by powerful [...]

Film on postal struggle of 1978: ‘Signed, Sealed and Delivered’

July 10, 2013

“Signed Sealed and Delivered: Labor Struggle in the Post Office,” is a 45-minute-long film made in 1980 by Tami Gold, Dan Gordon and Erik Lewis. The film was shown at the Interference Archive in Brooklyn, N.Y., on June 20. On July 21, 1978, thousands of postal workers walked off their jobs when [...]

Protests to target no-mail Saturdays

February 19, 2013

To support striking NYC school bus drivers, CLUPJS members participated in Feb. 10 march over the Brooklyn Bridge.WW photo: Joseph Piette The U.S. Postal Service decision to eliminate Saturday mail delivery has generated increasing calls for protests by workers and community organizations under the [...]