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Bronx, N.Y., hears of fight for school busing rights

By February 18, 2014
Organizers of Feb. 8 forum at Hostos Community College.WW photo: Ellen Catalinotto

How can school bus riders and their allies win shorter routes and better conditions in a time of austerity?  On Feb. 8 at the Bronx’s historic Hostos Community College, legal, community and labor activists boosted this demand at an afternoon forum on “The Fight for School Busing Rights.” Parents to Improve School Transportation (PIST) and […]


Organize for stable school busing

By January 6, 2014
School bus parents and unionists rally outside
Department on Dec. 17.Photo: PIST NYC Facebook

Relatives and supporters of New York City school bus riders ended 2013 expressing their determination to gain improvements for children and workers, despite the destructive chain of events set in motion by the billionaire class. A year ago, a four-week school bus drivers’ strike was provoked when billionaire Mayor Michael Bloomberg and his Department of […]


PIST protests bus conditions

By August 15, 2013
WW photo: Johnnie Stevens

A dozen people — some children with disabilities, their parents, grandparents and neighbors — went to the New York City borough of Queens on Aug. 5 to demand air conditioning for riders and workers on school buses in hot weather. The target was the Ozone Park bus yard of companies known by several different names […]


New York City school bus struggle

By July 11, 2013
Graphic: Kwame, PIST NYC Facebook

Fighters for the rights of both New York City school bus workers and the students who need their services remain determined to keep up the struggle following a series of ups and downs in the first half of 2013. Billionaire Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s December 2012 Request for Bids, which removed the seniority hiring and benefits […]


Parents demand union school bus crews

By March 8, 2013
PIST activist Johnnie Stevens speaks at news conference.Photo:  Raven Rakia, 1181: A Documentary

Two weeks after the school bus strike ended here, parents were still trying to guarantee satisfactory bus service while protecting the rights of bus drivers and matrons in Amalgamated Transit Union Local 1181. To do this, Parents to Improve School Transportation organized a delegation of parents and supporters to deliver a message to City Council […]


Digamos NO a los ataques del Alcalde Bloomberg

By February 19, 2013

¡ÚLTIMA HORA! El 15 de febrero, después de que los cinco candidatos a alcaldes por el Partido Demócrata hicieran un llamado al sindicato, la junta ejecutiva de ATU 1181 votó a favor de suspender la huelga y “continuar la lucha por la Disposición para la Protección de Empleados [EPP por sus siglas en inglés] en […]


NYC school bus strike ends, struggle continues

By February 18, 2013

New York — After a month-long strike during the coldest days of winter, the executive board of the school bus drivers and matrons’ union voted on Feb. 15 to end Amalgamated Transit Union Local 1181’s work stoppage. The walkout was originally forced on the union by the mayor’s decision to do away with the workers’ seniority […]


Safety becomes issue in NYC school bus workers’ strike

By February 14, 2013
WW photo: Brenda Ryan

New York, Feb. 14 — Organizers with PIST — Parents to Improve School Transportation — have begun talks with union and local activists about a community response to the non-union student transportation crashes that have occurred in the fourth week of the New York City public school bus strike. This morning, a crash occurred in […]


Solidarity with NYC bus strikers

By February 5, 2013
WW photo

Feb. 2 saw a groundswell of support for the striking school bus drivers and matrons in New York City. Rallies burst out, in both Manhattan and the Bronx, while marches through the streets as well as car caravans went to the East 79th Street mansion of billionaire Mayor Michael Bloomberg and to bus yards in […]


Activists denounce MTA’s union-busting tactics in NYC school bus strike

Some of the protesters outside the MTA meeting, Jan. 30.

Protesters crashed the New York Metropolitan Transit Authority’s first board meeting of the year in solidarity with the school bus drivers’ and matrons’ strike and in defense of students’ safety. They demanded that transit agency MetroCards not be issued to students as alternative school transportation. This topic was not on the MTA’s agenda. Nevertheless, the […]