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Autopsy confirms Los Angeles police murder of Ezell Ford

January 5, 2015

Occupy LAPD Headquarters Los Angeles — After four months and an order from a mayor responding to pressure from protests organized by groups like “Community Control Over the Police” and “Black Lives Matter,” an autopsy report was finally released by the Los Angeles Police Department. [...]

The Dorner Manifesto

March 5, 2013

The following column was written Feb. 24. In the news business, yesterday’s news is — well, no longer news. It’s stale, old and useless. Yet this rush for what’s new often ignores that which bears closer scrutiny. I speak of the memorandum written by the Los Angeles Police Department’s [...]

LAPD vs. Chris Dorner: The real state of the union

February 13, 2013

Feb. 13 — President Obama’s annual speech to Congress was overshadowed by events far more revealing of the true “state of the union” than any politician’s hollow rhetoric. On the West Coast, in the hours before the president’s speech on Feb. 12, police lay siege to Christopher Dorner [...]

Chickens come home to roost: Chris Dorner & Los Angeles police brutality

February 11, 2013

Los Angeles — To protect and serve? For a growing number of Los Angeles residents, that motto is now in question. This stems from recent incidents involving Chris Dorner, a former Los Angeles Police Department officer and veteran, incidents which have apparently made it acceptable for police to [...]