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Organize for stable school busing

By January 6, 2014
School bus parents and unionists rally outside
Department on Dec. 17.Photo: PIST NYC Facebook

Relatives and supporters of New York City school bus riders ended 2013 expressing their determination to gain improvements for children and workers, despite the destructive chain of events set in motion by the billionaire class. A year ago, a four-week school bus drivers’ strike was provoked when billionaire Mayor Michael Bloomberg and his Department of […]


Lessons of the NYC school bus strike: Was it worth it?

By February 26, 2013
School bus workers demonstrate Feb. 10 at New York City Hall Park. WW photo: Brenda Ryan

The bourgeois media made a decision to portray the end of the New York City school bus union’s four-week strike as an out-and-out victory for Mayor Michael Bloomberg. There’s no question that Bloomberg intends to entirely eliminate the Employment Protection Provision — the job-protection seniority list at the heart of the strike. The EPP is […]


Digamos NO a los ataques del Alcalde Bloomberg

By February 19, 2013

¡ÚLTIMA HORA! El 15 de febrero, después de que los cinco candidatos a alcaldes por el Partido Demócrata hicieran un llamado al sindicato, la junta ejecutiva de ATU 1181 votó a favor de suspender la huelga y “continuar la lucha por la Disposición para la Protección de Empleados [EPP por sus siglas en inglés] en […]


NYC school bus drivers forced to strike for safety, security

By January 17, 2013
Jan. 14, New York. Michael Cordiello, president of ATU 1181-1061 tells how Mayor Bloomberg forced the school bus strike.  WW photo:  Mike Otto

New York — More than 8,000 school bus drivers who transport 152,000 pupils in this city every day, many of them children with special needs, were forced to go on strike Jan. 16 to protect not only their jobs but also the safety of the children they serve. Mayor Michael Bloomberg, the Wall Street mogul who […]