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Ramón Labañino Salazar: a prison visit with a Cuban hero

By December 16, 2014
Free Ramón Labañino Salazar.

Ashland, Ky. — We sat in the last three seats of the last neat row of red plastic chairs.  It was the visitors’ room of the federal prison here on a rainy but not so cold Saturday morning in December. A door across the room opened and there he was, Ramón Labañino Salazar. Although other […]


Colombian ‘peace process’ at an impasse

By November 23, 2014

Nov. 23 — Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos shocked the world when he announced on Nov. 16 the unilateral suspension of peace negotiations of the past two years between his government and the FARC-EP (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia-People’s Army) in Havana, Cuba. That day, it was revealed that the FARC-EP had captured Colombian Army […]


Youth publish ‘Red Flag,’ hold FIST forum

By November 13, 2014
Cecily McMillan about to receive ‘John Brown’ award from Caleb Maupin.Photo: Paul Funkhouser

FIST — Fight Imperialism, Stand Together — is proud to have published the first issue of Red Flag, a new magazine of theory and struggle written for and by young revolutionaries. With eyewitness accounts of peoples’ struggles, Marxist analysis of current events and revolutionary theory ranging from basic to advanced, it is hoped this magazine […]


Ebola and the real health crisis

By November 11, 2014

Taken from an Oct. 15 audio column at prisonradio.org With the death of Mr. Thomas Eric Duncan shortly after his arrival from Liberia, West Africa, the Ebola crisis has burst onto millions of news screens, generating deep levels of fear and xenophobia. To be sure, Ebola is a serious health concern, for it has a […]


Cubans lead global response to Ebola epidemic

By November 5, 2014
Cuban health care workers set off to join Africans in the fight stop Ebola.

Nov. 3 — Cuban health care workers have played a leading role on the African continent for decades. The revolutionary government views its work in the fight against the Ebola Virus Disease as a manifestation of internationalism and solidarity with Africa. Hundreds of Cuban health care workers have recently been deployed to Liberia and Sierra Leone, two […]


Heroes of the Ebola crisis

By October 29, 2014

It is clear that Ebola is the most dangerous emerging infectious disease since the HIV/AIDS crisis began in the 1980s. Health care workers must identify those with the virus, isolate them and monitor everybody who was exposed. This is the only way to break the chain of infection. But, with the exception of Nigeria, the […]


Ebola, Cuba and capitalism

By October 22, 2014

It is impossible to ignore that the capitalist for-profit system is the greatest obstacle in the effort to control the Ebola epidemic. Capitalism has sown abject poverty and malnutrition, dismantled existing public health systems, crushed human solidarity, based the development of vaccines and cures on their profit margin and weakened human ability to survive diseases. […]


U.S. actions say ‘Free the Cuban 5’

By September 11, 2014
Gerardo Hernández Nordelo, Antonio Guerrero Rodríguez, Fernando González Llort, Ramón Labañino Salazar, and Rene González Sehewert.

Sept. 12 is the 16th anniversary of the day when police snatched five Cuban men from their beds. Three of them — Antonio Guerrero, Ramón Labañino and Gerardo Hernández — remain in U.S. prisons, serving long terms. Vindictively, a U.S. court sentenced Hernández to a term of double-life plus 15 years. In the intensifying campaign […]


Cuba awards Nyad ‘Order of Merit in Sports’

By September 6, 2014

From cubadebate.cu. Aug. 30 — Today, Cuba awarded the “Order of Merit in Sports” to U.S. swimmer Diana Nyad, who a year ago became the first person to swim the 177 miles between the Havana coast and Key West in Florida, without protection against sharks and spending nearly 53 hours in the water. The first […]


Judge Claudia House Morcom, ¡Presente!

By August 28, 2014
Judge Claudia House Morcom, second from left, followed by Alicia Jrapko,
Graciela Ramirez, Gloria Justo, Netfa Freeman on the right end, Nov. 2013.Photo: International Committee For The Freedom Of The Cuban 5

Judge Claudia House Morcom died in her Detroit home on Aug. 17, at age 82. ­Dignified, glamorously beautiful and generous with her time, wisdom and counsel, she didn’t fear speaking truth to power whether the struggle for justice appeared on a global stage or closer to home. A memorial service remembered her rich, lifelong and […]