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Somalia petrolera, pero con hambre y ocupación militar de EUA

September 24, 2014

A principios de septiembre, el presidente de EUA, Barack Obama anunció que había realizado el asesinato selectivo del líder de la organización de resistencia islámica Al-Shabaab en Somalia. El grupo ha estado luchando contra el gobierno somalí y una fuerza militar regional por más de seis [...]

Calentamiento global: Desastre para los pueblos del Ártico

September 24, 2014

El Ártico se está calentando dos a cuatro veces más rápido que el resto del mundo. Esto es debido a un bucle de realimentación que implica el efecto albedo (blancura) que es “una medida de cuánto la energía del sol es reflejada de nuevo hacia al espacio.” ( El hielo [...]

‘Flood Wall Street!’

September 24, 2014

Mobilizing via the hashtag #FloodWallStreet, thousands of anti-capitalist protesters confronted the profiteers responsible for climate change by sitting down outside the New York Stock Exchange on Sept. 22. Some had traveled far — from countries like Nepal and Nigeria — to expose imperialist [...]

Peoples Climate March protesters say: ‘We know who is responsible’

September 23, 2014

Anti-imperialist contingent at massive New York march, Sept. 21. WW photo: Joseph Piette Activists in over 2,808 cities in 166 countries participated on Sept. 21 in the first international Peoples Climate March. The events took place two days before more than 120 world leaders will convene for [...]

NorCal People’s Climate rally

September 23, 2014

WW photo: Judy Greenspan More than a thousand people gathered at the Lake Merritt Amphitheater on Sept. 21 for the Northern California People’s Climate Rally. The organizers called for a world with an economy that works for the people; a world safe from the ravages of climate change; and a world [...]

Seattle protesters challenge polluters

September 23, 2014

Two thousand people marched in Seattle after a big downtown rally on Sept. 21.  Protesting coal ports and oil trains, demonstrators marched to the waterfront and blocked two train engines and forced them to back away.  Oil and coal trains have been blocked a number of times in recent months in [...]

Meet Borotba

September 23, 2014

Exiled Borotba activists in Simferopol. WW contributing editor, Greg Butterfield, is third from the left. Photo: Naya Serpin Simferopol, Crimea — Since arriving on Sept. 16, I’ve been able to spend time with many of the extraordinary Union Borotba (Struggle) activists living in exile [...]

Scottish independence and the struggle against austerity

September 23, 2014

Excerpts from a talk given by Caleb Maupin at a Workers World Forum in New York on Sept. 19. Until recent weeks the question of Scottish independence from the so-called United Kingdom seemed an abstract question. It was something that did not seem relevant in the ongoing struggle. A number of [...]

Sexism & the blame game

September 23, 2014

Recent revelations about athletes and domestic abuse imply that these horrific acts are particular to sports culture in the United States. This is not so. This phenomenon stems from the oppression of women in class society, which exists side by side with racism, worker exploitation and other forms [...]

Oil-rich Somalia faces famine while U.S. oversees military occupation

September 21, 2014

Early in September, U.S. President Barack Obama announced he had carried out a targeted assassination of the leader of the Al-Shabaab Islamic resistance organization in Somalia. The group has been fighting against the Somali government and a regional military force for over six years. In a matter [...]
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