Editorial: Una grieta que deja entrar la claridad

By September 18, 2013

En esta época de armas terriblemente destructivas y de la capacidad de agencias gubernamentales estadounidenses de espiar sobre todas las comunicaciones privadas — cuando son digitalizadas, como la mayoría ya son — hay una tendencia a considerar al estado capitalista como todopoderoso, un gigante que puede arrollar a todos/as si así lo quiere. No lo [...]


Chemical weapons arsenals and the hidden truths about the ‘Convention’

By September 13, 2013

The hammering by politicians and the corporate media about chemical weapons use in Syria, which, according to secret CIA “evidence” was used by government forces, has generated the widespread false impression that it is only Syria that now possesses such weapons and threatens the rest of the world with them. That’s the power of the [...]


Fired GM workers in Colombia determined to win

By September 12, 2013
Colombian GM workers win solidarity in Michigan.WW photo: Abayomi Azikiwe

For two years and two months a determined group of fired autoworkers have lived in tents outside the U.S. Embassy in Bogotá, Colombia. They, along with hundreds of their counterparts, were fired for the crime of suffering work-related injuries and disabilities. General Motors, their former employer, is still refusing to negotiate a just settlement with [...]


South African autoworkers strike key industry


Workers’ struggles continue in South Africa despite the successful resolution of strikes in the automotive and mining industries. Auto industry settlements were reached between the National Union of Metalworkers Union of South Africa and BMW, Nissan, Ford, Volkswagen, Toyota, Mercedes and General Motors. Union negotiators resolved the work stoppage by obtaining an 11.5 percent salary [...]


New York livery drivers protest, occupy Taxi Commission


Two hundred livery cab drivers, union members of the Coalition of Taxicabs of New York, demonstrated outside the headquarters of the Taxi Limousine Commission on Sept. 3 to protest the Five Borough Taxi plan sponsored by the TLC and billionaire Mayor Michael Bloomberg. What started as a news conference at noon turned into a virtual [...]


Community remembers Mario Romero

WW photo: Terri Kay

Vallejo, Calif. — About 75 family and community members came to the First Annual Community BBQ in Remembrance of Mario Romero at Wilson Park in Vallejo, Calif., on Sept. 2. Later that evening, they held a candlelight vigil. Many of Romero’s friends, from elementary through high school, participated with the others in a speak-out. On [...]


A brief history of ‘marriage,’ part 16


Social tensions facilitate transition from matrilineal clan to patriarchy Lewis Henry Morgan used the Darwinian concept of “natural selection” to explain prehistoric transitions, first from hominin sexual promiscuity to group marriage and then on to the pairing marriage form. At the time Morgan and Frederick Engels were developing their view of human evolution, in the [...]


A crack that lets in light

By September 11, 2013

In this age of horribly destructive weapons and the ability of U.S. government agencies to pore over everyone’s private communications — if they are digitized, as most are — there is a tendency to regard the capitalist state as all-powerful, a juggernaut that can roll over everyone if it wants. It isn’t and it can’t. [...]


Detroit’s workers mobilize to defend pensions


Detroiters are mobilizing to defend city workers’ pensions and city services in the wake of the municipal bankruptcy filed by Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr. This Wall Street bankruptcy attorney was appointed by Michigan’s reactionary Gov. Rick Snyder to essentially act as a receiver over the city, supplanting the elected mayor and City Council. On Sept. [...]


Study reveals AFRICOM’s reach


Journalist Nick Turse’s study, entitled “AFRICOM’s Gigantic ‘Small Footprint,’” reviews the increasing role of the United States Africa Command (AFRICOM) at TomDispatch.com. It illustrates why this issue should become a major focus of Western peace, anti-war and anti-imperialist movements. Little attention has been paid to imperialist interventions in the oppressed African nations. Although there have [...]