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Oil-rich Somalia faces famine while U.S. oversees military occupation

September 21, 2014

Early in September, U.S. President Barack Obama announced he had carried out a targeted assassination of the leader of the Al-Shabaab Islamic resistance organization in Somalia. The group has been fighting against the Somali government and a regional military force for over six years. In a matter [...]

Cuba helps fight Ebola

September 21, 2014

In a stellar example of solidarity with the people of West Africa, socialist Cuba will provide health care workers to aid in the urgent fight against the Ebola epidemic in the region. Cuban Health Minister Roberto Morales announced on Sept. 12, at a joint press conference with World Health [...]

Israeli soldiers refuse orders against Palestinians

September 21, 2014

Some 43 members of an elite Israeli Defense Force intelligence unit, many still on active duty, sent an open letter of protest to Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu on Sept. 12, in which they refuse to spy on the Palestinian people. It states: “We, veterans of Unit 8200, reserve soldiers both past [...]

Planet’s warming caused by capitalism

September 20, 2014

Over the last few years numerous scientific studies have reported that the pace of global climate change is accelerating and, unless immediate action is taken, may be irreversible. The most recent report by the United Nations meteorological advisory body sounded the alarm that concentrations of [...]

Global warming: Disaster for Arctic peoples

September 20, 2014

Disco Bay in Greenland, well above the Arctic Circle, in August.WW photo: G. Dunkel The Arctic is warming two to four times faster than the rest of the globe. This is due to a feedback loop involving the albedo (“whiteness”) effect, which is “a measure of how much of the sun’s energy is [...]

Top ten climates that need changing

September 20, 2014

1. The climate of greed that says that making oodles of money is more important than keeping the environment safe for people. 2. The putrid climate in Big Oil boardrooms that allows CEOs to say that fracking is OK because drinking polluted water “tastes better than you think.” 3. The corporate [...]

On the picket line

September 20, 2014

Ironworkers on strike in San Francisco San Francisco ironworkers, who do very dangerous but essential work on huge construction projects, walked off the job on at least two sites on Sept. 10 and Sept. 11 to demand a re-vote on a concessions contract. A major issue that prompted the wildcat was no [...]

Still demanding justice for Michael Brown

September 19, 2014

Parent and child at protest in Ferguson, Mo. The people of Ferguson, Mo., and supporters are still demanding the indictment and arrest of white police officer Darren Wilson for fatally shooting 18-year-old Michael Brown on Aug. 9. They attempted to block traffic on Interstate 70 on Sept. 10. Large [...]

Central Park Five settlement finalized

September 19, 2014

Photo from a leaflet for an Oct. 29, 2012, protest for the Five. “This is now the icing on the cake,” said Raymond Santana, one of the Central Park Five. “My whole life has been about fighting this case. … Back in 1989, our voices were taken from us and we were silenced, and now, to [...]

Police terror in Milwaukee

September 18, 2014

Protest at Red Arrow park in MilwaukeeAug. 22 demands justice for victims of police terror.Photo: Bryan G. Pfeifer Dontre Hamilton was sleeping in Red Arrow Park in downtown Milwaukee on April 30. Moments later he lay on the ground dead, shot at least 14 times by a Milwaukee cop. Family [...]
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