Yellow ribbons & a new book to free the Cuban 5

By September 19, 2013
Photo: International Committee for the Freedom of the Cuban 5

Cubans festooned their island with yellow ribbons on Sept. 12, marking the 15th anniversary of the arrest of five Cuban men in Miami. Even the Washington Post, which has ignored or been hostile to the campaign to free the Cuban 5, published an Associated Press article that day headlined “Havana dresses up with yellow ribbons [...]


U.S. backs brutal Egyptian military regime


Armed to the teeth by the U.S., the Egyptian military regime under General Abdel Fattah el-Sisi is brutally attacking not only the conservative Muslim Brotherhood, but also a wide range of progressive groups and individuals, including striking workers, journalists and the Palestinians in Gaza. The U.S. has continued to provide guns and ammunition to the [...]


Korea, Rodman style


Dennis Rodman’s skill as a basketball All-Star is matched by his penchant for making “outrageous” statements that hit home — to use a metaphor from another sport. In other words, he often says what others may be thinking but dare not utter out loud. He has certainly touched a prickly nerve of the U.S. imperialist [...]


Economic contraction and military expansion


This essay is reprinted from the pamphlet “Reindustrialization: The Menace Behind the Promise,” written by Workers World Party founder Sam Marcy in 1980. Although written more than three ­decades ago, it describes the economic processes and contradictions behind the decline of U.S. imperialism’s world position, which is even more evident today. In the intervening years, [...]


A brief history of ‘marriage,’ part 17


From matrilineal clan to patriarchy — Feasting as an instrument for deepening social inequality The dissolution of the matrilineal clan effectively isolated the woman from her mothers, sisters and brothers. She, rather than her husband, became the outsider: first, as a new addition to her husband’s patrilineal, patrilocal clan, and later, as growing economic inequality [...]


U.S. solidarity & fact-finding delegation visits Syria

By September 18, 2013
Anti-war delegation from U.S. meet with Syrian youth at their ‘Over Our Dead Bodies’ encampment on Mount Qasioun outside Damascus  These youth have pledged to resist any imperialist attack on Syria. U.S. delegates are Ramsey Clark,  Cynthia McKinney, John Parker, Sara Flounders, Dedon Kamathi and Johnny Achi.

A delegation of anti-war and human-rights activists from the United States entered Syria Sept. 16 on a fact-finding and people-to-people solidarity trip. The participants plan to counter the ubiquitous pro-war propaganda spread in the U.S. and NATO imperialist countries and former colonial powers that demonizes the Syrian government. The delegation includes former U.S. Attorney General [...]


Detroit emergency manager dictates ‘lights out’


When the lights went out at the Coleman A. Young Municipal Center (CAY­MAC) in downtown Detroit on Sept. 11, it was one of the hottest days of the year. People were trapped in elevators, while civil servants and court employees were sent home since they could not complete their work for the day. Soon it [...]


Income gap grows still wider


For ever so long, workers have been told that this capitalist system we live under works to our benefit. Sure, the bosses get more than we do, but it’s all for the good of everyone and there couldn’t be any production without their expertise — and capital. There are several different arguments here that need [...]


Michigan anti-fracking movement worries gas industry


Capitalist propaganda has a peculiar way of turning reality on its head. A case in point is the well-funded effort to defeat an anti-fracking ballot initiative in Michigan. Hijacking the typical language of a bona fide mass appeal for a progressive cause, the Michigan Chamber of Commerce claims that “over the next year” it “will [...]


Protests save Brooklyn hospital

Long Island College Hospital workers participate in Sept. 13 press conference announcing their victory.WW photo: Anne Pruden

Brooklyn Judge Johnny Lee Baynes ruled Sept. 12 that New York state’s justification for the closing of Long Island College Hospital was “unconstitutionally vague” and did not take the medical needs of the community into account. His ruling actually applies to all the New York hospitals threatened with closure. For the past decade, the state [...]