U.S. solidarity & fact-finding delegation visits Syria

By September 18, 2013
Anti-war delegation from U.S. meet with Syrian youth at their ‘Over Our Dead Bodies’ encampment on Mount Qasioun outside Damascus  These youth have pledged to resist any imperialist attack on Syria. U.S. delegates are Ramsey Clark,  Cynthia McKinney, John Parker, Sara Flounders, Dedon Kamathi and Johnny Achi.

A delegation of anti-war and human-rights activists from the United States entered Syria Sept. 16 on a fact-finding and people-to-people solidarity trip. The participants plan to counter the ubiquitous pro-war propaganda spread in the U.S. and NATO imperialist countries and former colonial powers that demonizes the Syrian government. The delegation includes former U.S. Attorney General [...]


Detroit emergency manager dictates ‘lights out’


When the lights went out at the Coleman A. Young Municipal Center (CAY­MAC) in downtown Detroit on Sept. 11, it was one of the hottest days of the year. People were trapped in elevators, while civil servants and court employees were sent home since they could not complete their work for the day. Soon it [...]


Income gap grows still wider


For ever so long, workers have been told that this capitalist system we live under works to our benefit. Sure, the bosses get more than we do, but it’s all for the good of everyone and there couldn’t be any production without their expertise — and capital. There are several different arguments here that need [...]


Michigan anti-fracking movement worries gas industry


Capitalist propaganda has a peculiar way of turning reality on its head. A case in point is the well-funded effort to defeat an anti-fracking ballot initiative in Michigan. Hijacking the typical language of a bona fide mass appeal for a progressive cause, the Michigan Chamber of Commerce claims that “over the next year” it “will [...]


Protests save Brooklyn hospital

Long Island College Hospital workers participate in Sept. 13 press conference announcing their victory.WW photo: Anne Pruden

Brooklyn Judge Johnny Lee Baynes ruled Sept. 12 that New York state’s justification for the closing of Long Island College Hospital was “unconstitutionally vague” and did not take the medical needs of the community into account. His ruling actually applies to all the New York hospitals threatened with closure. For the past decade, the state [...]


Syrian Americans say ‘No!’ to U.S. war on their country


A significant turnout of nearly 1,000 anti-war demonstrators, most from the Syrian-American community, marched in Washington, D.C., on Sept. 9, the day that the U.S. Congress reconvened and the day before President Barack Obama withdrew the war resolution against Syria. The first topic on Congress’ agenda was to discuss the resolution giving the executive authority [...]


Syrian agreement postpones U.S. aggressive war


Sept. 16 — While U.S. warships continued to sail in the Eastern Mediterranean to keep the Syrian people under threat, Russian-U.S. negotiations resulted in an agreement on Sept. 14 that the Syrian government, acting under United Nations supervision, would destroy whatever chemical weapons it possesses. Secretary of State John Kerry, whose role seems to be [...]


Trabajadores despedidos de GM en Colombia decididos a vencer


Durante dos años y dos meses, un decidido grupo de trabajadores automotrices despedidos han vivido en tiendas de campaña frente a la embajada estadounidense en Bogotá, ­Colombia. Ellos, junto a cientos de sus homólogos, fueron despedidos por el crimen de sufrir discapacidades y lesiones relacionadas con el trabajo. La General Motors, su antiguo empleador, aún [...]


Editorial: Una grieta que deja entrar la claridad


En esta época de armas terriblemente destructivas y de la capacidad de agencias gubernamentales estadounidenses de espiar sobre todas las comunicaciones privadas — cuando son digitalizadas, como la mayoría ya son — hay una tendencia a considerar al estado capitalista como todopoderoso, un gigante que puede arrollar a todos/as si así lo quiere. No lo [...]


Chemical weapons arsenals and the hidden truths about the ‘Convention’

By September 13, 2013

The hammering by politicians and the corporate media about chemical weapons use in Syria, which, according to secret CIA “evidence” was used by government forces, has generated the widespread false impression that it is only Syria that now possesses such weapons and threatens the rest of the world with them. That’s the power of the [...]