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New York protest: ‘Stop U.S. proxy wars!’

June 16, 2015

Some of the protesters, holding Syrian flag, June 13.WW photo: Greg Butterfield Outside the New York studios of CNN June 13, hundreds of people had the opportunity to hear the truth about U.S. wars and interventions around the world that they don’t get from corporate media outlets. The occasion [...]

Bienvenida, Caitlyn Jenner

June 16, 2015

Editorial Workers World-Mundo Obrero, 9 de junio 2015 Bruce Jenner, el campeón de decatlón y medallista de oro olímpico de 1976, se declaró transgénero frente a una audiencia internacional cuando una entrevista de dos horas con Diane Sawyer se emitió en la cadena ABC el 24 de abril.  Un [...]

¡Alto a la guerra en Ucrania!

June 16, 2015

Washington apoya los bombardeos en la frontera rusa 8 de junio – El gobierno de extrema derecha ucraniano, respaldado por Washington, lanzó una nueva ofensiva militar contra las Repúblicas Populares Independientes de Donetsk y Lugansk, en la noche del 2 al 3 de junio. La Milicia Popular de [...]

Can U.N. talks bring peace to Yemen?

June 13, 2015

June 8 — Even though peace talks are slated to begin on June 14 in Geneva between the major parties involved in the conflict over control of Yemen, the fighting rages on inside this underdeveloped Middle Eastern state. Prior to the announcement of the U.N.-sponsored talks, discussions were taking [...]

Canadian genocide condemned

June 13, 2015

May 31 march.Photo: Powless Beginning in 1820 and continuing until the 1980s in some provinces, Canada had an explicit policy of erasing the culture, languages and religion of Indigenous nations — First Nation, Métis and Inuit — by taking children from their parents and placing them in foster [...]

Tariq Aziz, former deputy prime minister of Iraq

June 13, 2015

Workers World publishes the following obituary for Tariq Aziz, written by two former United Nations humanitarian coordinators for Iraq who had both resigned in protest of how the U.N.-imposed sanctions caused enormous suffering among the Iraqi people in the 1990s. By Hans von Sponeck and Denis [...]

African-American and Palestine liberation

June 13, 2015

A series of opinion articles have been published recently in Newsweek contradictorily condemning and praising the Barack Obama administration’s efforts to reassure the state of Israel that United States imperialism is on its side all the way in suppressing and eliminating the Palestinian people. [...]

Assata Shakur mural removed

June 13, 2015

A mural depicting Assata Shakur was removed in May by Marquette University officials after an unrelenting right-wing campaign. Shakur, a people’s hero and icon of the Black Lives Matter movement, is a former Black Panther falsely accused and convicted of killing a cop in New Jersey in 1973. She [...]

Workers World and FIST at Left Forum

June 13, 2015

More than 1,300 speakers and thousands of activists and academics met in New York City from May 29 through May 31 for the annual Left Forum, this year with the theme “No Justice, No Peace: Confronting the Crises of Capitalism and Democracy.” Workers World Party and its allies in the [...]

Oil strike not quite over

June 11, 2015

After four months on the picket line, workers at the BP Husky refinery in Toledo, Ohio, are starting to return to work. United Steelworkers Local 1-346 was the most recent local to ratify a local agreement in the national oil strike that began Feb. 1 and at one point involved 15 refineries across [...]
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