Como es un video fascista

By April 1, 2014

Se dice que una foto vale más que mil palabras. ¿No debería una imagen animada valer aún más? Tomemos el video que se difundió ampliamente a través del Internet por un tiempo —hasta que alguien dijo que estaba protegido por la ley de derechos de autor y fue eliminado de muchos sitios web. Pero no [...]


Destitución del alcalde de Bogotá amenaza conversaciones de paz


El derechista Procurador General de Colombia, usando métodos ilegales depuso al alcalde de Bogotá quien fuera popularmente elegido, amenazando así el futuro de las vitales conversaciones de paz con el movimiento político guerrillero FARC-EP y el futuro de la democracia en Colombia. El 18 de marzo, la Comisión Interamericana de Derechos Humanos había otorgado “medidas [...]


Detroiters object to austerity plan


The city of Detroit bankruptcy case is being played out in a courtroom far removed from the real future of the city and the destiny of its workers, retirees and residents. Yes, the federal bankruptcy court is in downtown Detroit. But the lawyers representing the emergency-management-run city and the bankers who are trying to squeeze [...]


March for $15 minimum wage takes place in Bay Area

March 27 protest.WW photo: Terri Kay

Oakland, Calif. — Organized by UNITE HERE Local 2850, on March 27 several hundred East Bay hotel, restaurant and stadium workers marched for jobs, rights and power under the call of “The Town Hella Needs A Raise.” (“Hella” is a common slang term in the Bay Area, meant to convey a strong and emphatic expletive.) [...]


San Francisco cops kill again

The father of slain Alex Nieto, March 29.Photo: Daniel Arauz

People demand justice for Alejandro Nieto The San Francisco’s Mission District community was shocked and angered by the news of the killing of Alejandro (Alex) Nieto by the San Francisco police on March 21. Nieto, just 28 years old, had stopped on his way to his security guard job to enjoy his favorite spot at [...]


Behind right-wing gains in French election


The New York Times and Washington Post in the U.S. and the Guardian in England presented France’s local elections on March 30 as a breakthrough for the French far right, along with substantial gains for the center-right. But the real key to understanding developments in France is the record level of abstentions. Nearly 40 percent [...]


Women march for justice

By March 31, 2014
Women demand rights, March 26.WW photo: Liz Green

Boston — Despite temperatures hovering around freezing and 50-mile-per-hour wind gusts, the Women’s Fightback Network commemorated International Working Women’s Month with a militant march and street rally on March 26. From a speakout at the Park Street transit station, participants marched right through the doors of a nearby McDonald’s restaurant. They chanted, “What’s outrageous? McDonald’s [...]


The enemy is at home


There is so much repetition of propaganda that Washington and the Pentagon represent the righteous, that some people manage to believe it despite the facts. Usually these are people trapped into hearing only one explanation of events. Or perhaps they are the 0.1 percent who actually benefit from this image. The truth is that U.S. [...]


Africa labor in motion


Workers are striking in both the private and public sectors in Egypt and students are demanding jobs in Tunisia. While students in Kenya won their strike, the demands of transport workers in Nairobi have not yet been met. EGYPT In Egypt, where an uprising against the National Democratic Party of ousted President Hosni Mubarak erupted [...]


The people protest Albany, N.Y., oil trains


At the urging of Albany, N.Y., neighborhood residents who were joined by several environmental organizations, on March 12 Albany County Executive Daniel McCoy placed a moratorium on oil company Global Partners’ plans to install seven boilers to heat tar sands oil here before loading it onto barges to ship down the Hudson River. At the [...]