WWP Conference grapples with strategies to overturn dead-end capitalism

By November 20, 2013

Workers. Youth. Detroit. Boston. These are now in the forefront of the consciousness of many of the political activists who attended this year’s Workers World Party annual national conference. It was a life-changing experience. Not just the words, but the electric atmosphere sparked early in the Nov. 16-17 weekend meeting here in New York. More [...]


Young people say: ‘Fight back! Build people’s power’


By Andy Katz and Ben Carroll New York Young people from across the U.S. mobilized to attend the Workers World Party National Conference held Nov. 16–17 in New York. They represented many struggles and regions around the country, including Los Angeles; Salt Lake City; Rockford, Ill.; Bloomington, Ind.; Detroit; cities in North Carolina; Baltimore; Philadelphia; [...]


Resolution in solidarity with Local 8751

Leaders of the Boston School Bus Drivers Union, Kiette Baptiste, Stevan Kirschbaum and Andre Francois, as well as all the Local 8751 members present received standing ovation at the conference.

The following resolution was passed unanimously on Nov. 17 at the national conference of Workers World Party. It grew out of a workshop on waging a campaign against the criminal, transnational conglomerate Veolia, which is attempting to bust the Boston School Bus Drivers Union, Steelworkers Local 8751. Whereas the Boston School Bus Drivers Union Steelworkers [...]


Acercándose a las aspiraciones de paz del pueblo colombiano


El pasado miércoles 6 de noviembre se publicó la declaración conjunta del gobierno colombiano y la insurgencia de las FARC-EP respecto al acuerdo al que llegaron sobre el segundo punto de la agenda de las Negociaciones de Paz que se han estado llevando a cabo en La Habana, Cuba. El punto en cuestión es la [...]


Con la nueva época de crisis global ¿Sobre qué deberían estar pensando los/as revolucionarios?


Basado en una charla dada por Larry Holmes, Primer Secretario del Partido Workers World-Mundo Obrero, en una reunión del liderazgo el 20 de octubre. El trabajo de masas y el trabajo político e ideológico deben basarse en una comprensión común de las formas en que la totalidad de la crisis global actual del sistema capitalista [...]


Boeing in shock as Machinists turn down contract 2 to1

By November 18, 2013
Union members celebrate the rejection of the proposed Boeing contract in Seattle, Nov. 13.

Seattle — A two-to-one “no” vote by the 31,000 members of Machinists District 751 (IAM) rejected Boeing’s attempt to ram a cutback labor contract down their throats. The Nov. 13 Seattle-area vote also upended the company’s plans to consolidate its labor contract with $8.7 billion in state tax breaks for the company. The tax breaks [...]


Judge says no to secret fees in Detroit bankruptcy

Protest at Bank of America, Nov. 12.WW photo: Kris Hamel

In the struggle to stop the racist bankruptcy and emergency management imposed by the big banks on the city of Detroit, pickets chanted outside the downtown headquarters of Bank of America at lunchtime on Nov. 12. They targeted the financial giant because of its role — along with United Bank of Switzerland and the London-based [...]


Detroit bankruptcy means people versus banks

By November 17, 2013

Federal Bankruptcy Judge Stephen Rhodes heard closing arguments Nov. 8 in the eligibility trial for what could be the largest municipal bankruptcy in U.S. history. The city of Detroit, represented by Jones Day — the law firm of the city’s state-imposed Emergency Manager, Kevyn Orr — attempted to make a case for forcing the majority [...]


North Carolina protest: Solidarity with teachers’ walk-in


The following is an edited version of a statement issued Nov. 6 by the Southern Workers Assembly in salute of the education worker “walk-ins” which occurred Nov. 4 at schools throughout North ­Carolina. Visit southernworker.org. On Monday, Nov. 4, thousands of teachers, bus drivers, cleaning staff, kitchen and other education workers from several dozen schools [...]


Stop minimum wage exclusion of people with disabilities

New York City rally on Oct. 24.

A New York City rally on Oct. 24 commemorated the 75th anniversary of the minimum wage law’s passage and called for increasing it to at least $15 an hour. A city public sector union speaker stressed that U.S. law does not recognize minimum wage rights for people with disabilities. They don’t receive equal pay for [...]