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Rasmea Odeh is coming home!

December 9, 2014

December 8 news report from the Rasmea Odeh Defense Committee. We are pleased to announce that Judge Gershwin Drain just filed his ruling granting Rasmea Odeh’s motion for reconsideration of his Nov. 10 order revoking her bond. Rasmea is coming home! The defense committee is working now to [...]

Fast food workers strike in 190 cities

December 9, 2014

Buffalo, N.Y.WW photo: Ellie Dorritie DetroitWW photo: Kris Hamel PhiladelphiaWW photo: Joseph Piette December 4 was a phenomenal day for fast food workers. They shut down the grills, closed the cash registers and walked off their jobs, joining their brothers and sisters in a one-day strike in 190 [...]

Contra el Estado racista

December 9, 2014

El movimiento nacional desencadenado el 24 de noviembre por el asesinato de Michael Brown en Ferguson, Misuri, alcanzó más de 170 ciudades. No tiene precedentes en su alcance, que va mucho más allá de este reciente asesinato al enfrentarse a las fuerzas de primera línea del estado racista [...]

Huelgas de Walmart se unen a protestas Ferguson

December 9, 2014

El espíritu combativo de la gente de Ferguson, Misuri a raíz de la decisión de no procesar al asesino policía racista Darren Wilson por el asesinato de Michael Brown, parece haberse trasladado a muchas de las más de 2.250 huelgas reportadas en las tiendas Walmart en todo EUA del 26 de [...]

Protests grow stronger, stop traffic across country

December 8, 2014

Demonstrations expressing outrage over the police killings of Michael Brown and Eric Garner took place over the Dec. 6-7 weekend and into Dec. 9. The most frequent chants at most protests were “Black lives matter” and “I can’t breathe.” At the University of California, Berkeley, on Dec. [...]

Ferguson rebellion and history of resistance

December 8, 2014

Lamont LillyWW photo: Brenda Ryan Taken from a talk given by Lamont Lilly at the Nov. 15-16 Workers World Party national conference.   In 1865, African captives were supposedly freed from the brutal bowels and vicious bondage of chattel slavery. In 2008, we were supposedly freed again when the [...]

Egypt’s military regime set to free Mubarak

December 8, 2014

In 2011, a heroic mass revolution deposed U.S.-supported Egyptian dictator Gen. Hosni Mubarak. This uprising was an inspiration to poor and oppressed people all over the world. Its current assassins — which include the new military regime of Abdel Fattah al-Sisi and U.S. imperialism — deserve [...]

‘Homrich 9’ face charges for stopping water shutoffs

December 8, 2014

Dec. 8 — Nine Detroit activists were arrested in July for stopping trucks from leaving their yard to shut off thousands of poor people’s water. The nine are known as the “Homrich 9,” after the company hired by Detroit’s emergency manager to carry out water shutoffs of tens of thousands of [...]

Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions activists protest RE/MAX in Denver

December 8, 2014

Protesters marched with signs in front of the RE/MAX International headquarters in Denver to raise awareness that this U.S.-based global real estate corporation was selling Palestinian West Bank property to Jewish-only settlements that have displaced thousands of Palestinian families in the West [...]

Brooklyn, N.Y., protest demands justice for Akai Gurley, slain by NYPD

December 6, 2014

Demanding justice for Akai Gurley, Dec. 6.WW photo: Anne Pruden Brooklyn, N.Y., Dec. 6 — Akai Gurley, a 28-year-old unarmed Black father, was taking the stairs with his partner at their apartment building in the Louis H. Pink Houses, a public housing project in East New York, Brooklyn, when he [...]
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