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German imperialism and the Greek debt crisis

March 4, 2015

German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble For five years the European Central Bank, dominated by German finance capital, has engineered bailouts and imposed austerity on Greece, Spain, Portugal, Ireland and Italy. And for five years various establishment economists, politicians and pundits in the [...]

Supporters of union leader pack court

March 3, 2015

Some 200 Boston school bus drivers and supporters of their union packed Dorchester District Court on March 3, the first day of the frame-up trial of union leader Steve Kirschbaum. The rank and file were joined by City Councilmember Charles Yancey; former Councilmember Chuck Turner; Sandra McIntosh, [...]

Support for fired school bus drivers

March 3, 2015

Garry Murchison, Steve Kirschbaum, Andre Francois, Steve Gillis The ruling class of Boston has tried everything to bust the school bus drivers union, United Steelworkers Local 8751. They brought in the global union-busting behemoth corporation Veolia in 2013. Veolia locked out the workers in [...]

Cops attack unity rally — against police brutality

March 3, 2015

Feb. 28 protesting the Dec. 30 police shooting of Jerame Reid in Bridgeton, N.J. Bridgeton, N.J. — A peaceful protest against police brutality outside the Cumberland County courthouse here on Feb. 28 was disrupted by an orchestrated police provocation that resulted in two people being [...]

Actions planned for International Women’s Day

March 3, 2015

International Women’s Day, March 8, became an official working-class holiday 105 years ago. Revolutionary women were inspired by a march of 15,000 garment workers, mostly women immigrants from Ireland, Italy and Eastern Europe, in New York on March 8, 1908. At the Second International Socialist [...]

As pension cuts start, Detroit retirees keep fighting

March 3, 2015

One of many protesters outside federal bankruptcy court, Oct. 28.WW photo: Kris Hamel Pension cuts to 32,000 retired city of Detroit workers went into effect March 1. Federal Bankruptcy Court Judge Stephen Rhodes had ordered the slashing of pensions following over one year of court proceedings in [...]

Final Resolution of Foundation of Senegal Left Forces

March 3, 2015

Senegalese left forces establish united group.Photo: Senegal Left Group This is the final resolution of the meeting that brought together various left forces in Senegal, a country of 14 million people in West Africa that won its independence from France in 1960. The resolution was sent to Workers [...]

Syriza cede ante banqueros de euro

March 3, 2015

24 de febrero – El gobierno izquierdista Syriza en Grecia ha aceptado una retirada negociada de sus promesas electorales después de un cara a cara con los banqueros europeos, liderados por el capital financiero alemán. Esto pone fin a esta última fase de la lucha del pueblo griego contra [...]

Pack Wisconsin Capitol, stop anti-union law!

February 28, 2015

Protesters inside the Wisconsin State Capitol on Feb. 28.Photo: Ben Herrenbruck Madison, Wis.,  Feb. 28 — At today’s protest of thousands at the state Capitol in Madison, Stephanie Bloomingdale, secretary treasurer of the Wisconsin AFL-CIO, called on all workers and community members to [...]

Wisconsin workers mobilize to stop ‘right-to-work’ bill

February 28, 2015

Poor and working people throughout Wisconsin began mobilizing to defeat an anti-worker bill just after they heard right-wing Wisconsin state senators’ Feb. 20 announcement that they would “fast track” a right-to-work (for-less) bill through the Senate. Many organizations called for a protest [...]
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