No intervention in Iraq

By June 25, 2014

Washington promotes deadly divisions Thirty-five years of U.S. subversion, intervention and then direct occupation of Iraq are the primary cause of the violent sectarian divisions now pulling that country apart. Any further U.S. intervention will have even more disastrous consequences for the population as a whole and the entire region. This may well be Washington’s […]


Protests demand: ‘U.S. stay out of Iraq!’

Photo: Alyssa Eisenberg

SAN FRANCISCO  Many national and local organizations, including the Answer Coalition, the Bay Area Latin American Solidarity Coalition, the International Action Center, Veterans for Peace, Codepink, World Can’t Wait and Workers World Party, came together in San Francisco on June 22 to demand “No new U.S. war on Iraq!” Over 200 people rallied at the […]


How Voting Rights Act was set back

By June 24, 2014

At his Escambia County polling site on June 3, 93-year-old African-American Willie Mims was disenfranchised by Alabama’s strict new voter ID law. Mims was turned away because he did not have a photo ID. He explained that he no longer drives, so his license had expired. He was not offered a chance to cast a provisional […]


Casey Kasem kept his feet on the ground

Casey Kasem on the front banner of the Jan. 19, 1991, Coalition to Stop U.S. Intervention in the Middle East protest.

Entertainer and political activist Casey Kasem, 82, died on June 15 after a long illness. Kasem was “more likely to be listening to a speech by Malcolm X on his cassette player than music by Miami Sound Machine,” according to a 1989 profile in the Los Angeles Times. Born Kemal Amen Kasem in Detroit, of […]


Labor appeal for Boston school bus drivers’ union

By June 23, 2014

The following June 11 letter was sent out to the labor movement and signed by Myles Calvey, business manager, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 2222; Rich Rogers, executive secretary-treasurer, Greater Boston Labor Council; Dumond Lewis, president, United Steelworkers Local 8751; Steven A. Tolman, president, Massachusetts State AFL-CIO; Andrew Slip, staff rep., District 4 USW; […]


Boston School Bus drivers’ union, supporters call for Solidarity Day III


Going to Boston to help build support for the School Bus Drivers, United Steelworkers Local 8751 was a unique and rewarding experience. Why did I go? Because Local 8751 is at a difficult juncture and needs support. For the past eight months, the union has been resisting a major austerity assault by Veolia, a French […]


‘Obvious Child’ a breakthrough on abortion rights

By June 22, 2014

On some issues, U.S. movies lag decades behind social change. Abortion is one of them, especially when statistically one woman out of three has an abortion during her lifetime. Finally, 41 years after the Supreme Court legalized abortion, there is a female-centered movie, “Obvious Child,” which puts a positive, realistic, honest spin on why one […]


On the picket line

By June 21, 2014

S.F. transit drivers protest contract with sick-out More than 500 drivers of San Francisco’s buses, cable cars, streetcars and light rail system called in sick from June 2 to 4 to protest contract negotiations. The workers voted against a proposed two-year contract by a vote of 1,148 to 47 three days before the sickout. The […]


Detroit retirees denounce ‘Grand Theft Pension’

By June 20, 2014
City retirees take their message to May Day march.WW photo: Kris Hamel

June 18 — Retired city of Detroit workers continue to oppose deep cuts to their pensions in the face of enormous pressure from the bankruptcy court, politicians and the corporate media. Rank-and-file committees of retirees continue to find a lot of support for their urging of a “reject” vote on ballots sent to tens of […]


Detroit Land Bank seizes homes


En route to the financial district, Detroit Freedom Friday protesters walk past 65 Cadillac Square, where hidden away on the 28th and 32nd floors is the Detroit Land Bank Authority, a quasi-governmental agency formed in 2008. For the last several years the DLBA has ostensibly concerned itself with the acquisition of tax-foreclosed properties numbering in […]