‘Fight for 15’ kicks off in Appalachia

By March 28, 2014
Ethan Young, president of Students for Appalachian Socialism, addresses the audience March 25.WW photo: Benji Pyles

Huntington, W.Va. — A coalition of activists from Fight Imperialism, Stand Together (FIST), Workers World Party, Students for Appalachian Socialism, the Jewel City Solidarity Network and Service Employees union Local 32BJ held a public meeting on March 25 to kick off a “Fight for 15 at Marshall University!” campaign. The meeting was attended by campus […]


McDonald’s icon busted for wage theft

WW photo: Anne Pruden

New York — A large group of fast-food workers and their supporters held a flash protest on March 18 in a midtown Manhattan McDonald’s and shut it down. Workers joined members of the community and immigrant rights activists to fight for a $15-per-hour minimum wage and union rights for fast-food workers. As they went in, […]


Marxism explains long-term jobless growth


Five years into the capitalist recovery, the crisis of mass, long-term unemployment will not go away. The Labor Department defines long-term unemployment as being 27 weeks or longer without a job. The official number of long-term unemployed in February was 3.8 million workers. (Los Angeles Times, March 20) “To grasp what that means for the […]


Protesters tell looters for 1%: ‘Detroit is NOT for sale’

WW photo: Brenda Ryan

The ultra-right-wing, anti-union, anti-people Manhattan Policy Institute hosted the notorious looters of Detroit’s pensions and treasury, Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder and Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr, on March 24 at the Roosevelt Hotel. New Yorkers with the People’s Power Assembly Movement welcomed them only as they should be — with a “Detroit is NOT for sale” […]


Stop the anti-people legislation in Georgia


Atlanta, March 20 — For the ninth consecutive week, Moral Monday Georgia staged actions on March 18 opposing reactionary legislation and demanding expansion of Medicaid for some 650,000 low-income workers in the state. The coordinated acts of civil disobedience throughout the day — in the Senate gallery, blocking the governor’s office door and sitting in […]


Defend Bolivarian Venezuela!

By March 26, 2014
WW photo: Gerry Scoppettuolo

Supporters of the Bolivarian Revolution in Venezuela turned out for a rally in Boston on March 22. The event was organized by the Boston Bolivarians and supported by many groups and individuals, including the International Action Center; Antonie Castro, Polo Democratica Colombia; Sergio Reyes, Sacco-Vanzetti Commemoration Committee; Green-Rainbow Party; Answer Coalition; Vets for Peace; and […]


Judge allows same-sex couples to marry in Michigan

By March 24, 2014

On March 21, Michigan became the 18th state to allow same-sex couples to marry. Federal Judge Bernard Friedman, appointed to the bench in 1988 by then-President Ronald Reagan, ruled that the so-called “Michigan Marriage Amendment” was unconstitutional. The ruling came two weeks after a nine-day trial, ordered by the judge to hear “experts” from both […]


Women speak on struggle, resistance & solidarity

Speakers from March 21 women’s forum.WW photo: Sara Flounders

Workers World Party sponsored an extraordinary panel of women activists at its annual International Working Women’s Month forum in New York City on March 21. The program was entitled “Women on the move against the 1%; Oppression of women here and worldwide = resistance and solidarity.” The women speakers connected some of their daily personal […]


Extreme inequality growing


Class exploitation at the root The International Monetary Fund recently published a paper sounding the alarm about the global trend toward extreme concentration of income in the hands of the rich. In a 67-page paper issued in January of this year the IMF reported: “In the United States, the share of market income captured by […]


W.Va. forum: ‘Water Unites Us’


Huntington, W.Va. — A public forum titled “Water Unites Us” on Feb. 20 at Marshall University addressed public concerns about the spill of a coal purification chemical into the Elk River on Jan. 9 by Freedom Industries. The chemical spill affected the tap-water supply for 300,000 people — the largest such disaster in U.S. history. […]