Benton Harbor, Mich., Civil Rights activist convicted by all-white jury

By November 7, 2014
Rev. Pinkney, right, at “Occupy the PGA” protest, May 2012.

The Rev. Edward Pinkney was found guilty of five felony counts of forgery stemming from a recall campaign against Mayor James Hightower of Benton Harbor, Mich., earlier this year. The all-white jury in St. Joseph, Mich., deliberated for nine hours and delivered the verdict on Nov. 3. The sentencing date has been set for Dec. […]


Memorial for audacious GI union leader

Andy Stapp, Esquire 1969

The memorial for Andy Stapp on Nov. 1 turned into a reunion of members and supporters of the American Servicemen’s Union, which he had headed, as well as of his comrades in Workers World Party, long-time acquaintances from near and far, family members and former students who thought him the best and funniest history teacher […]


New York protest says, ‘Odessa, Donbass, we are with you’

New York protest remembers Odessa’s martyrs.WW photo: Greg Butterfield

A sudden cold snap and whipping winds couldn’t keep fired-up activists from protesting at the U.S. military recruitment center in Times Square on Nov. 2 to demand, “U.S. out of Ukraine!” They came to remember the anti-fascists massacred by neo-Nazis at Odessa’s House of Trade Unions six months before, and to stand in solidarity with […]


Syracuse, N.Y., students fight for equal education for all

‘Education is a right, not just for the rich and white,’ say student activists at Syracuse U.

Syracuse, N.Y. — Chanting “Education is a right, not just for the rich and white!” students marched on the administration headquarters of Syracuse University on Nov. 3. At first denied entrance to the locked-down building, protesters who had gotten inside earlier opened a door and students poured in. ( The multinational, multigender march followed a […]


Thousands say “We’re not mascots” at Minneapolis protest


By Chris Getowicz Republished from an article at Minneapolis, Minn. — Over five thousand people joined eleven tribal nations in demanding Washington’s football franchise “change the name!” Gathering at Northrop Plaza at the University of Minnesota, over 3,000 people marched and converged on the stadium two hours before the game and were joined by […]


Prisoners strike on Day of the Dead

By November 6, 2014

Tacoma, Wash. — Demonstrators protested migrant detention and deportations on Nov. 1, the Day of the Dead/Día de los Muertos — the Latino/a counterpart to Halloween — in Tacoma. The four-day occupation outside the NW (immigrant) Detention Center was greeted by news from inside that 200 prisoners had just gone on hunger strike to protest […]


In Los Angeles: My experiences working on $15 an hour initiative

Sara Benjamin with her daughter Imari.WW photo: Sharon Black

I’ve had the opportunity to travel to Los Angeles for the “$15 Minimum Wage” campaign, which includes a ballot initiative that demands a livable minimum wage of $15 an hour for the city of Los Angeles, to take effect immediately after it’s passed. The campaign also supports the struggle of low-wage workers for a union. […]


Profit system spreads misery: Time to expose capitalism, fight for socialism


The time to openly attack and expose capitalism and advocate for its opposite, socialism, has not been this ripe since the Great Depression of the 1930s. The capitalist system is transparently rotten to the core and taking a huge toll on the lives of workers — whether employed or unemployed. The devastation in the ­African-American, […]


NYC forum on migrant caravan, Garifuna oppression, Mexican students

WW photo: Monica Moorehead

The New York branch of Workers World Party sponsored an Oct. 30 forum featuring the ongoing struggle of migrants, especially women, youth and children from Central America. Participants included several members of the National Solidarity Caravan who had traveled in a bus to Philadelphia; Washington, D.C.; Durham, N.C.; Atlanta; Jackson, Miss.; Houston; and other cities […]


Cubans lead global response to Ebola epidemic

By November 5, 2014
Cuban health care workers set off to join Africans in the fight stop Ebola.

Nov. 3 — Cuban health care workers have played a leading role on the African continent for decades. The revolutionary government views its work in the fight against the Ebola Virus Disease as a manifestation of internationalism and solidarity with Africa. Hundreds of Cuban health care workers have recently been deployed to Liberia and Sierra Leone, two […]