Actions called May 9-26 to demand no U.S. war over Ukraine

By May 12, 2014

The United National Anti-war Coalition has called for emergency demonstrations in the U.S. against a new war over Ukraine and for U.S./NATO forces to get out and stay out of the region. The following is the text of the call and a list in formation of the endorsing national and international organizations; there are also […]


Philadelphia protest demands U.S. out of Ukraine


Demonstrators in Philadelphia on May 9 handed out hundreds of fliers  and spoke out on a sound system explaining to passersby why they should oppose any U.S. interference in Ukraine.  The 90-minute rally was co-sponsored by the International Action Center, Philly Against War and the Philadelphia branches of Socialist Action, the Answer Coalition, the Party […]


Cecily McMillan, OWS activist, faces seven years in prison after sham trial


New York — Cecily McMillan, a 25-year-old progressive activist, was convicted of assault on a police officer in New York City Criminal Court on May 5. Now a convicted felon, she could receive a sentence of between two and seven years in prison. The charge stemmed from McMillan’s arrest on March 17, 2012, when more […]


Victor Toro can stay in U.S., but with no ID

By May 10, 2014
Victor Toro at May Day rally, Union Square, NYC.WW photo: G. Dunkel

At an April 30 immigration hearing in New York for Chilean activist Victor Toro, the U.S. government changed its stance and stopped trying to show that Toro was a “terrorist,” but at the same time refused to honor his appeal for political asylum. The hearing itself showed that Toro has strong support, as nearly 40 […]


Rakiba Brown, ¡Presente!

Rakiba Brown at International Women’s Day speakout, March 8.WW photo: Tom Michalak

The life of revolutionary activist Rakiba Brown was remembered at a memorial celebration May 3 at Central United Methodist Church in Detroit. Friends and community activists from this city and around the world were shocked and deeply saddened to learn of her death on March 21 at the age of 61. Born Gloria Elena Brown […]


Peace March says: ‘Ban killer drones’

By May 9, 2014

Human rights activists walked from Ft. Benning, Ga., to the Georgia Tech campus in Atlanta during the days from April 26 to May 8 to bring attention to the role played by these institutions in the illegal and criminal drone warfare being carried out by the U.S. This “Right to Peace” march was sponsored by […]


Rights for women or corporations?


PART 3. Can a for-profit company claim “religious liberty” based on opposition to paying for certain types of birth control for employees under the Affordable Care Act? That’s the essence of the unprecedented, controversial, possibly far-reaching case of Sebelius v. Hobby Lobby, which was presented to the Supreme Court on March 25. A similar case […]


Postal workers protest privatization a la Staples

Photo:  Azi Ebrahimi

Postal workers clad in bright blue shirts shouted “Stop Staples: The U.S. mail is not for sale” in front of the Buckhead Staples store on busy Peachtree Road in Atlanta on April 24. Their noisy and enthusiastic protest was part of a nationwide campaign. Atlanta is one of the test sites in the government’s effort […]


Case of the missing workers


Politicians, pundits and the corporate media are strenuously patting themselves on the back for the new “official” April unemployment rate of 6.3 percent. That is the lowest rate since the Great Recession began six years ago. “The recovery is in full swing!” they all clamor. A study released on May 3 by the progressive Economic […]


On the picket line


Calif. port truck drivers stage 48-hour strike In their latest effort to end workplace violations and wage theft and to win union recognition, more than 100 truck drivers who haul cargo in and out of the ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles and their supporters picketed several trucking companies and marine terminals at both […]