Boeing gets its contract — but by narrowest margin

By January 8, 2014

Seattle — Workers in the Machinists union, District Local 751, expressed shock and disbelief at their main union hall here on Jan. 3. A Boeing-dictated union contract, which robbed the workers of benefits they had fought for decades to hold on to, was approved by a very narrow 51 percent of the members in a […]


Virginia struggle to defend Black history: ‘No stadium in Shockoe Bottom!’

By January 6, 2014
Community protests plans to build baseball stadium at site of former slave jail.Photo: The Virginia Defender

Charleston, S.C.; New Orleans; England’s Liverpool; Senegal’s Goree Island — all these places played major roles in the U.S. slave trade and all have museums that tell those stories. But here in Richmond, Va., once the capital of the slavery-defending Confederacy and for decades the center of this country’s internal slave trade, a small group […]


Detroit hotel workers picket for higher wages


“The poverty-level wages paid to workers at the Fort Shelby Doubletree Hotel are unacceptable,” charged UNITE HERE Local 24, which held a spirited picket on Dec. 20. The local has been picketing the nonunion downtown Detroit hotel on a regular basis. Several similar hotels have been targeted for their unwillingness to meet with the union […]


Small Supreme Court victory for unions, big challenges ahead


The legality of card-check neutrality was recently raised in the highest body of the U.S. government, the Supreme Court. Taking it very seriously, Harvard labor law professor Benjamin Sachs told the New York Times that Mulhall vs. UNITE HERE Local 355 could be “the most significant labor case in a generation.” (Nov. 10) There are […]


On the picket line


Calif. Walmart workers win back millions Nearly 600 workers at a Walmart warehouse in California have been ­awarded $4.7 million in compensation for wage theft by a federal judge on Dec. 16. The workers, many of whom are Mexican immigrants, worked through the contractor Schneider Logistics to move Walmart goods in a facility partly owned […]


Organize for stable school busing

School bus parents and unionists rally outside
Department on Dec. 17.Photo: PIST NYC Facebook

Relatives and supporters of New York City school bus riders ended 2013 expressing their determination to gain improvements for children and workers, despite the destructive chain of events set in motion by the billionaire class. A year ago, a four-week school bus drivers’ strike was provoked when billionaire Mayor Michael Bloomberg and his Department of […]


Frances Dostal: A revolutionary communist fighter

By January 5, 2014
Frances Dostal and Ted Dostal in 2000.

Frances S. Dostal, a founding member of Workers World Party and who, with her spouse Ted, founded the Cleveland branch of WWP, died in her sleep on Dec. 26 at the age of 85. She leaves behind scores of loving comrades, friends, coworkers and activists in the Cleveland movement. Frances Sherman was born in 1928 […]


Struggle frees people’s lawyer Lynne Stewart

By January 3, 2014
Lynne Stewart

New York, Jan. 1 — There she was standing, then walking slowly towards us, unshackled, without handcuffs or belly chain, and with a gigantic smile on her face. She was a sight for sore eyes, her inner and outer beauty reflected. Lynne Stewart’s family — her two children, who are attorneys; a daughter, who is a hospice doctor; grandchildren […]


Another link in the chain of mass incarceration

Pascual CarpenterPhoto: Joe Friendly

In September 1990 — two weeks after the wrongful conviction of three defendants in the rape of a jogger in New York City’s Central Park — another group of teens was involved in a crime that received similarly intense media focus and racist depictions. Brian Watkins, a tourist from Utah visiting New York to attend […]


Solidarity from Seattle workers


On Dec. 16, when more than 1,000 workers at in Germany walked off the job to protest getting lower wages than other workers in comparable jobs, union activists rallied in solidarity outside the online retailer’s headquarters in Seattle. “What Amazon is doing is taking this American race-to-the-bottom roadshow to Germany and trying it out […]