Support Jamil Al-Amin

By September 5, 2014
Support Jamil Al-Amin

Preparations are underway for an evening of “Love and Resistance for Imam Jamil Al-Amin,” on Sept. 12 in New York City. Al-Amin, formerly known as H. Rap Brown, is suffering from serious illnesses and is currently being held at the Butner Federal Medical Center in North Carolina. This world-renowned political prisoner has been imprisoned for […]


Activists defend fired workers


Oakland, Calif. — Labor and community activists, carrying signs and chanting, marched inside a Jack in the Box restaurant on Telegraph Avenue and 45th Street here on Aug. 29 demanding that three fired workers be reinstated, with no penalties or retaliation. Two of the three had just signed union cards the day before their firing. […]


San Diego rally ‘speaks names’ of those killed by police

By September 4, 2014
WW photo: Gloria Verdieu

Over 100 anti-police brutality activists gathered for a rally and march in City Heights Park in central San Diego on Aug. 30 to demand justice for 17-year-old Michael Brown, in solidarity with cities across the nation that are calling for justice in Missouri. The “Speak Their Names Rally” was called by a coalition of community […]


‘Streetz Party’ commemorates Black Panther leader’s birthday in Chicago

Comrade Mother Akua Njeri and Chairman Fred, Jr. in front of 2337 W. Monroe.

Every year on Aug. 30, Chairman Fred Hampton Jr. and the Prisoners of Conscience Committee/Black Panther Party Cubs organize a birthday celebration for Chairman Fred Hampton Sr., the Black Panther Party leader in Chicago who was assassinated by the Chicago Police Department in a pre-dawn raid on Dec. 4, 1969, along with Defense Captain Mark […]


‘Behind the Red Line’ highlights human suffering of U.S.-backed war


The following is an International Action Center news release of Sept. 4. A dramatic exhibit of 40 photos by Russian and Ukrainian journalists showcasing the destruction and human suffering caused by the U.S.-backed war in eastern Ukraine’s Donbass region opens in New York City on Thursday, Sept. 4. The touring exhibit, entitled “Ukraine: Behind the […]


The Pentagon — the climate elephant


There is an elephant in the climate debate that by U.S. demand cannot be discussed or even acknowledged. This agreement to ignore the elephant is now the accepted basis of all international negotiations on climate change. It is well understood by every possible measurement that the Pentagon, the U.S. military machine, is the world’s biggest […]


Ferguson Rebellion exposes U.S. racism globally

By September 2, 2014
We are Ferguson

Just one day after U.S. President Barack Obama hosted leaders from across Africa, African Americans exploded in rebellion in Ferguson, Mo. A series of lawsuits have been filed against the city of Ferguson charging police misconduct and brutality during the demonstrations in response to the police killing of Michael Brown. Six plaintiffs have filed federal […]


Ferguson struggle helps build workers’ solidarity

By September 1, 2014
Hands Up Don't Ship

The call for justice continues not only in Ferguson, Mo., but around the United States since the Aug. 9 brutal murder of Michael Brown, the 18-year-old African American who was shot in broad daylight by a white police officer, Darren Wilson. Not since the 1992 Los Angeles rebellion has there been another one like the […]


Ukraine photo exhibit: Suffering and resistance in the Donbass

By August 31, 2014
Ukraine photo exhibit

Huntington, N.Y. — “Ukraine: Behind the Red Line,” a photographic display of the war in Ukraine, documents the devastation of the lives of the people in the Donbass region as well as the organized resistance in Donbass to the junta regime in Kiev. Armed men and women who make up the people’s militias supported by […]


Residents resist gentrification

Brooklyn protesters say they ‘won’t be moved!’

Brooklyn, N.Y., Aug. 24 — About 250 angry demonstrators gathered today for a march near the east side of Prospect Park in Brooklyn, N.Y. This is where developers plan to build luxury housing with up to 25 floors that will block the beautiful view of the park and crowd the neighborhood. Protesters marched down Empire […]