Philadelphia’s public education nightmare

By October 16, 2014
Philadelphia students walked out of classrooms in May 2013 to protest the proposed elimination of all extracurricular programs in the city’s public schools. Thousands of students from 27 high schools and middle schools took to the streets, chanting, “No ifs, no buts, no education cuts” and “No education, no life.”WW photo: Joseph Piette

All five unelected members of the School Reform Commission voted to cancel the School District of Philadelphia’s contract with the more than 15,000 teachers, nurses, librarians, counselors and other members of the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers. This Oct. 6 vote was a sneak attack at a virtually unannounced meeting. The SRC’s immediate pretext was to […]


Milwaukee protesters: ‘Charge killer cop!’

By October 15, 2014
Milwaukee protest, Oct. 10.Photo: Joe Brusky

Protests continue in Milwaukee to demand justice for Dontre Hamilton, a 31-year-old African-American man shot 14 times and killed by police officer Christopher Manney on April 30. After five months and repeated protests by the Hamilton family, their attorney and community supporters, Manney has still not been charged with any crime by Milwaukee County District […]


Solidarity caravan heads to U.S./Mexico border

Solidarity caravan stops in Philadelphia, Oct. 11.WW photo: Joseph Piette

Historic Riverside Church in New York City was the location for the send-off on Oct. 10 of the “National Caravan in Solidarity with the Children and Families at the Mexico and Texas Borders.” The enthusiastic crowd of nearly 100 supporters cheered on caravan organizers and participants, jumping to their feet several times during the program. […]


Nat’l convergence in St. Louis, Ferguson: People resist police terror

By October 14, 2014
Wearing glasses, center, Leslie McSpadden, Michael Brown’s mother, leads Ferguson march. WW photo: Monica Moorehead

St. Louis, Mo. — An unprecedented weekend of mass resistance took place in St. Louis, Ferguson, Clayton and other parts of Missouri on Oct. 10-13. Many actions demanded an end to police terror and for real justice for Michael Brown, John Crawford III, Vonderrit Myers Jr. and countless others who have lost their young lives […]


Ebola & failure of for-profit medical care

By October 13, 2014

Oct. 13 — With the death of Thomas Eric Duncan in the Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas on Oct. 8, the political dynamics of the Ebola Virus Disease outbreak have taken on wider dimensions. Nina Pham, a nurse who was providing care for Duncan, has tested positive for the virus and is being treated in […]


Ebola hits U.S. amid charges of racism


Thomas Eric Duncan died on Oct. 8 at a Dallas hospital from the Ebola virus. He had traveled to Dallas from his home country of Liberia to see friends and family members. Duncan’s family is asking why he did not receive optimal care from the first day he sought treatment at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital, […]


In ‘war on ISIS,’ the main enemy is at home


The Turkish government decided Oct. 12 to permit U.S. fighter-bombers to launch attacks on Syrian targets from Incirlik Air Force Base near the Turkish-Syrian border. This decision marked the latest escalation of the U.S.-led “war on ISIS.” It is a further step toward a major U.S. invasion into Syria and Iraq. Meanwhile, two key battles […]


Ferguson & the failure of Black politics


Transcript of Sept. 29 Prison Radio broadcast. The stark and moving images arising from the violence, repression and resistance of Ferguson, Mo., continue to percolate throughout national and global consciousness. If, as the old saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words,” the thousands of images radiating from Ferguson must be worth millions of […]


Finally, a racist killer is convicted

By October 11, 2014
Jordan Davis

Justice was finally served on Oct. 1 when a Florida jury convicted Michael Dunn of the first-degree murder of Jordan Davis, 17. The unarmed African-­American youth was fatally shot by Dunn in November 2012. Dunn, a white computer software developer, now faces a life term in prison with no possibility of parole. This was Dunn’s […]


Pennsylvania legislature tries to stop Mumia Abu-Jamal from speaking

Mumia Abu-Jamal

  More often than not college commencement speakers are corporate CEOs, bankers or politicians — the people who will exercise control over students’ futures by exploiting their labor, piling mountains of student loan debt on them or starting endless wars that threaten the very futures of them and their families. On Oct. 5, graduates of […]