‘Justice for Michael Brown & all victims of police brutality’

By August 20, 2014
WW photo: Greg Butterfield

Several hundred people rallied at One Police Plaza in New York City Aug. 18 to demand justice for Michael Brown and to support the rebellion of youth against police brutality in Ferguson, Mo. The rally also demanded justice for those people of color killed by New York police such as Eric Garner, Ramarley Graham and […]


Thousands march on CNN to denounce its Ferguson coverage

Thousands march on CNN to denounce its Ferguson coverage

Atlanta — The crowd had been organized by college and high school students. Estimated by the Atlanta police at 5,000, they gathered at CNN on Aug. 18 to denounce its scurrilous news coverage of the killing of Mike Brown by a Ferguson cop — with sensationalized images of “violent” protesters in the face of heavily […]


U.S. protests: ‘We are ALL Michael Brown!’

U.S. protests: ‘We are ALL Michael Brown!’

Vigils and demonstrations involving thousands took place the evening of Thursday, Aug. 14, in at least 90 cities across the United States to protest the police killing of Michael Brown, 18, in Ferguson, Mo. Organized quickly on social media, the somber and angry gatherings included a moment of silence for Brown at 7:20 p.m. Eastern […]


Thousands turn back Israeli ship from Oakland port


Press release from the Block the Boat Coalition, Aug. 19. For four days straight the San Francisco Bay Area community blocked the Israeli ZIM ship from unloading at the Port of Oakland. And today, we salute the rank and file of the International Longshore and Warehouse Union for standing with us against Israeli apartheid by […]


‘From Ferguson to Gaza, we charge genocide’


The following message of solidarity was issued Aug. 19 by the Campaign to Bring Mumia Home coalition, which is organizing for the freedom of political prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal.   Those standing up against police brutality and state repression in Ferguson, Mo., are leading one of the most important human rights struggles of our time. In […]


Defend Ferguson UPRISING!

By August 19, 2014
Ferguson uprising

Aug. 19 bulletin: News sources report that 78 people were arrested Aug. 18 during a police riot in Ferguson. A 23-year-old Black man was fatally shot by two St. Louis police on Aug. 19. Aug. 18 — Michael Brown, an 18-year-old African-American youth, was shot at least six times by a Ferguson, Mo., white police […]


Behind Ferguson police, the St. Louis corporate elite


The trigger-happy, tear-gas throwing, billy-club wielding cops in Ferguson, Mo., aren’t really “out of control.” These goons are very much in the control of some of the biggest corporations in the land. Michael Brown’s blood is on their hands, too. Ferguson is corporate headquarters of Emerson Electric, an outfit with sales of $24 billion and […]


Racism, PTSD and righteous rage


The following is based on a speech given at a disabled rights meeting in Boston on July 26. Imperato, a Vietnam veteran transgender activist, is a member of Paralyzed Veterans of America and the Harlem-based Veteran Quality of Life Action Network. A former Service Officer for Disabled American Veterans, Imperato is a consultant on disabled […]


Texas Governor’s REAL crimes

By August 18, 2014
WW photo: Gloria Rubac

Houston — For the 14 years that Rick Perry has been governor, he has committed crimes against the people of Texas with impunity. So it was almost laughable when he was indicted on Aug. 15 for two felony charges that most of the people in Texas have never heard of and are not impacted by. […]


Block the boat for Gaza stops Israeli Zim ship

Block the Boat Gaza

Oakland, Calif. — Some 5,000 determined protesters marched almost a mile and a half from the West Oakland Bay Area Rapid Transit station to the SSA Marine terminal in the Port of Oakland on Aug. 16. The purpose of the event, called “Block the Boat for Gaza,” was to prevent the cargo of the Zim […]