Statement on Brooklyn, N.Y., shootings: Uprising must stay strong

By December 21, 2014

The New York City Peoples Power Assembly Movement issued this “Don’t let this incident be used to crush the uprising” statement on Dec. 21: The police have been desperately searching or waiting for some occurrence that they can use as a weapon to crush the most powerful, widespread, national mass uprising against racist police terror […]


Protests against police brutality continue to coast to coast

New York City

Demonstrations to protest racist police killings and to assert “Black Lives Matter” have continued strong throughout the United States since the Dec. 13 national march in Washington, D.C., and the massive march in New York the same day. Protests have taken place in many other cities and towns, large and small. Walkouts, die-ins, road closures, […]


Eric Garner killed by police and capitalism


It is an outrage that Eric Garner was killed by a wolfpack of racist cops and a chokehold. It is an even greater outrage that, although the attack was caught on videotape for the whole world to see, the killers were not brought to trial. What makes it even more horrendous is that Garner was […]


Berkeley, Calif., community rallies to save Post Office

Berkeley, Calif., Dec. 6: Stopping raid and saving P.O.WW photo: Judy Greenspan

Berkeley, Calif. — At noon on Dec. 6, more than 150 people gathered on the steps of the main Berkeley Post Office to demand that this historic building not be sold. Supporters sang “We Shall Not Be Moved” for an infomercial that organizers hope “will go viral.” The protest marked the longest occupation of the […]


Victory! Cuban 5 are reunited and free at last

By December 18, 2014
The Cuban 5 united in Havana, Dec. 17.

Dec. 17 — The government of the United States has done what it repeatedly swore it would never do: It has freed the last of the Cuban 5.  Today Antonio Guerrero, Ramón Labañino and Gerardo Hernández were finally released from U.S. jails after more than 16 years of unjust imprisonment. René González and Fernando González had […]


Growing incarceration rates for African Americans


Beyond police bullets and chokeholds Since the police killing of 18-year-old Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., on Aug. 9, and then the failure of a grand jury to indict white police officer Darren Wilson, mass demonstrations and rebellions have erupted across the country, bringing national and international attention to the plight of African Americans at […]


Meeting in Harlem says Black lives matter, from Ferguson to West Africa

Sahid KoromahWW photo: Brenda Ryan

Harlem, N.Y. — An all day rainstorm could not keep people from attending a Solidarity Rally Against Ebola, Stigma and Racism at the National Black Theatre in Harlem, N.Y. on Dec. 9. The program sponsored by the African Ebola Crisis Committee and the International Action Center showed what a people’s response to an epidemic, led […]


Court rules for Albert Woodfox, now let him go!

By December 17, 2014
Albert Woodfox

Forty-two years in solitary confinement is 42 years too long. Albert Woodfox should be released now from a Louisiana prison. On Nov. 20, the Fifth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals agreed. The three-judge panel ruled unanimously to uphold a lower court’s decision to overturn Woodfox’s conviction for killing a prison guard. On Feb. 26, 2013, […]


No let up in fight to stop police killings in Cleveland


Since the killing of 12-year-old Tamir Rice on Nov. 22 by a white Cleveland police officer, the movement against racist police brutality in this city has maintained strength and intensity. Tamir Rice’s name is also being raised in the protests around the country against police terror, and is now known internationally. For the second week […]


Durham youth vs. cops


We live in a society where cops can kill an unarmed Black man, and the only person that gets indicted is the bystander who videotaped the lynching. It is a society where a seven-year-old Black girl is shot by police while asleep in her home. One where a single mother is shot by a deputy […]