Pro-West gangs attack Ukraine anti-fascists

By March 18, 2014

Emboldened by the U.S.-orchestrated coup d’état in the capital city of Kiev and Pentagon military posturing against Russia, fascist violence in Ukraine has escalated from vandalism to arson, beatings to shootings, and now — the brazen murder of anti-fascist activists. To answer these attacks, progressive and communist forces are continuing mass actions and organizing self-defense. […]


Neocolonial regime in Libya faces war over oil exports

By March 16, 2014

On March 19, 2011, the United States and allied NATO war planes began a massive bombing campaign against the North African state of Libya. Under the guise of protecting the lives of civilians, the imperialist war machine was unleashed on a country of 6 million people. Three years later, the conditions for working and oppressed […]


Britain denies visa to Cuban 5 hero

By March 15, 2014

The British labor movement reacted swiftly when the government there denied an entry visa to Cuban 5 hero René González. González was to be the main witness for “The International Commission of Inquiry on the Case of the Cuban 5,” held at London’s Law Society on March 7 and 8. In an open letter published […]


Cuba’s Antonio Maceo: A revolutionary legacy

By March 14, 2014
Antonio Maceo

The Cuban Revolution took place on Jan. 1, 1959, led by Fidel Castro’s rebel army, which victoriously entered the capital city of Havana on that date.  An excellent way to more fully understand the monumental success of the Revolution is to examine carefully the life of Antonio Maceo.  Maceo, who was born in 1845, was […]


Thousands in Ukraine protest Kiev regime

By March 13, 2014
Mass rally in Kharkiv against right-wing junta.Photo: Borotba

As reported by the Union Borotba (Struggle), a mass protest took place on the March 8 International Women’s Day holiday in Kharkiv city center in the eastern Ukraine. Many of the thousands carried red flags and gathered near the monument to Lenin, “which we managed to protect from the Nazis during recent rallies.” Borotba describes […]


Bolivarian Venezuela fights fascist attacks

By March 12, 2014
March 9 rally in Caracas in defense Venezuela and against the U.S.-backed fascist gangs. Photo:

U.S. imperialism has supported and encouraged fascist groupings opposed to the legitimate Venezuelan government of President Nicolás Maduro that are trying to topple the Bolivarian Revolution with violent demonstrations, starting Feb. 12. These are aimed not only at Venezuela but at progressive developments in the entire Latin American and Caribbean region. This assault has instead […]


U.S. whips up crisis over Crimea


March 10 — In recent days the U.S. imperialists and their junior EU partners have escalated the confrontation against Russia and the Ukrainian people diplomatically, militarily and economically. Washington is using the upcoming referendum in Crimea and the strengthening of Russian military positions on the peninsula as a pretext to inflame the situation in Ukraine […]


Who killed 100 in Maidan Square?

By March 10, 2014

An intercepted phone call between two top-level European officials has raised this question: Was the “opposition” responsible for shooting about 100 protesters and police in Kiev during the week of Feb. 18, just before it took over Ukraine’s government with a coup? The first bloody skirmish, on Feb. 18, killed eight protesters and seven police. […]


Anti-war coalition says, ‘U.S. hands off Ukraine and Venezuela’

By March 7, 2014

Workers World publishes here in full the statement by the United National Antiwar Coalition, which demands “U.S. Hands off Ukraine and Venezuela” and calls the U.S. government “the main instigator of the present crises in both countries.” The hypocrisy of Secretary of State John Kerry’s statement on Face the Nation, “You just don’t in the […]


South Korean workers strike again

By March 6, 2014

Imagine a general strike of 200,000 workers — and not one word about it in any of the world’s so-called free press. What a breathtaking admission that these so-called “news media” are nothing but propaganda organs for big business. Look it up — the one-day general strike on Feb. 25 in south Korea. The only […]