Syria: U.S. imperialism and diplomacy

By February 8, 2014

The much ballyhooed Geneva II peace talks, which were supposed to bring about peace in Syria, ended on Jan. 31 with no agreement for one very good reason: The U.S had no intention of seeking any real peace agreement, but was intent on using the forum as a background for propaganda and as a way […]


U.S./EU imperialists aim to seize Ukraine

By February 7, 2014

U.S. and European Union imperialism are deep in Ukraine, backing one side of the internal power struggle, with the goal of making this former Soviet republic a colonial appendage of the West, while handing a setback to Russia. Imperialist government representatives from the U.S., the EU and Germany have stood with “opposition” protesters in capital […]


Cuban hero to be released from U.S. prison

By February 5, 2014
Fernando González

After spending 15 years unjustly imprisoned for fighting terrorism, Fernando González, one of the Cuban Five, is scheduled to be released from federal prison on Feb. 27. Fernando will be the second of the Five to be released. René González was released in October 2011 after serving his entire sentence. The Five were sent to […]


South African platinum strike continues amid threats of more layoffs

By February 4, 2014
South African miners during strike in Marikana on Jan. 30.

Feb. 3 — A government mediation team is seeking to resolve the ongoing strike in the platinum industry in the Northwest Province of South Africa. Talks were suspended until Feb. 4 as the world’s leading platinum mine producers remain stifled by strike activity which began Jan. 23. This strike involves production at the world’s three […]


Solidarity with Guadeloupe’s unions

By February 3, 2014
Jocelyn Lapitre, Guadeloupe union representative.

Jocelyn Lapitre, a leading trade unionist from Guadeloupe, visited New York from Jan. 21 to Jan. 24 to garner support and solidarity for his organizations, the General Union of Workers of Guadeloupe (UGTG) and the Coalition Against Exploitation (LKP), both of which are facing a harsh attack. Those attacking are the French authorities who rule […]


90 years after death, Lenin’s contributions appreciated

By January 31, 2014
V.I. Lenin

Lenin is the recognized leader of the political party that directed the working-class’s seizure of state power in Russia in the fall of 1917. For the first time in history, a subject class was placed at the head of society. Lenin had built the Bolshevik Party, later the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, and […]


World slams U.S. spying

By January 30, 2014

Under increasing pressure and scrutiny from civil rights groups, public polls — and even their own imperialist allies — the National Security Agency, which has been carrying out massive programs of domestic spying, is beginning to show serious cracks in its armor of secrecy and criminality. On Jan. 23, a special “independent” agency within the […]


Anti-NATO forces retake areas in southern Libya

By January 29, 2014

For nearly seven months in 2011, NATO planes — particularly from the U.S., France, Britain and Canada — carried out a massive bombing campaign in Libya intended to overthrow the government of Muammar Gaddafi. After getting the U.N. Security Council to pass a resolution imposing an arms embargo on Libya and then another authorizing a […]


Red Army broke siege of Leningrad 70 years ago

By January 27, 2014
Red Army snipers, Leningrad 1944: Snipers Faina Yakimova, Roza Shanina and Lidia Volodina

Editor’s note: The imperialist ruling class puts its plentiful resources into making humanity forget the enormous contribution of the Soviet Union toward defeating Nazi-led German imperialism in World War II. The people of Leningrad made historic sacrifices in that effort that should be commemorated by all supporters of socialism. Jan. 27 — Seventy years ago […]


Cuban leader Ricardo Alarcón: Amiri Baraka ‘led an unwavering life’

By January 24, 2014

By Ricardo Alarcón de Quesada Alarcón was president of the Cuba’s National Assembly of People’s Power and a member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba until 2013. Beautiful black women, it is still raining in this terrible land. We need you. We flex our muscles, turn to stare at our tormentor, […]