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To: U.S. Attorney for District of Columbia Channing D. Phillips


Dear U.S. Attorney for District of Columbia Channing D. Phillips,

I urge you to drop the charges against more than 200 people arrested in DC on January 20.

On January 20 tens of thousands of people arrived in DC to support and to protest the January 20 Inauguration of Donald Trump. At one intersection Washington D.C. Police arrested more than 200 people. They were charged with felony riot, although no riot took place.

The January 20th police actions were in violation of all Washington D.C. policing guidelines and First Amendment protections. People were sprayed with burning chemical agents, held barricaded on the street for many hours and denied access to a lawyer. Those arrested now face 10 years in prison, $25,000 in fines and felony records. The arrested includes journalists, legal observers working with the National Lawyers Guild, medics, and everyday people.

On January 20 thousands of people were involved in First Amendment protected free speech demonstrations.

I am determined to oppose all repression against those resisting Trump, including the Black Lives Matter movement, the DAPL pipeline water protectors, the Immigrant Rights activists, prisoners and all other resisters. I urge you to uphold the right to protest and free speech by dropping all the charges against the DC Jan 20 Trump resisters NOW.



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