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Community activist elected in Providence

By November 15, 2014
Mary Kay HarrisPhoto: Robert Malin

Providence, R.I. — African-American activist Mary Kay Harris won the general election for City Council from Ward 11 on Nov. 4, defeating her Republican opponent by 1,669 to 258, or better than six to one. This is despite support for the Republican from the incumbent machine Democrat, whom Harris had defeated in the primary. Harris […]


Providence, R.I.: Women of all colors unite

By March 13, 2014
WW photo: Liz Green

International Women’s Day was marked in Providence, R.I., by a “Women of All Colors Assembly,” a wonderful gathering of 100 amazing women representing dozens of organizations. Convened by mostly African-American, working class women, it brought together people with a super-high level of energy and enthusiasm for women’s unity and organization. The assembly was also a […]


Rhode Island People’s Assembly meets on MLK Day

By February 7, 2013
Mary Kay HarrisWW photo: Liz Green

Chairperson Mary Kay Harris convened the Eighth Annual Rhode Island MLK All-Peoples Assembly on Jan. 26, by reminding those gathered that 2013 is the 50th anniversary of Dr. Martin ­Luther King’s unfulfilled “dream.” To set the tone for the discussion, Harris read a quote from a speech that King made in 1968 building for the […]


Rhode Island curfew law put on hold

By October 14, 2012
WW photo: Bill Bateman

Joined by constituents and community organizations, the 11th Ward city councilman, Davian Sanchez, announced on Oct. 4 that he has placed his proposal for a youth curfew in Providence, R.I., on hold. Instead, Sanchez said he will introduce ordinances to improve youth employment and recreation, and ban practices that can lead to racial profiling. “The […]