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Rape culture and Rolling Stone

June 28, 2015

With just the title of his article, a Washington Post writer has unwittingly spoken volumes about the issue of rape and sexual assault under capitalism. “Why do high-profile rape cases keep falling apart?” asks the writer, Radley Balko. He just can’t seem to fathom why the allegation of rape [...]

Victory for Boston school bus drivers union

March 6, 2015

Kirschbaum acquitted as frame-up collapses Steve Kirschbaum, outside Dorchester, Mass., courthouse, where he was acquitted of all charges on March 5.WW photo: Liz Green Dorchester, Mass. — The campaign to rehire and win justice for four Boston school-bus drivers, illegally fired by the [...]

Support for fired school bus drivers

March 3, 2015

Garry Murchison, Steve Kirschbaum, Andre Francois, Steve Gillis The ruling class of Boston has tried everything to bust the school bus drivers union, United Steelworkers Local 8751. They brought in the global union-busting behemoth corporation Veolia in 2013. Veolia locked out the workers in [...]

Despite historic blizzard, bus drivers pack court for union militant

February 2, 2015

Members of Local 8751 defy blizzard to pack court.WW photo: Steve Kirschbaum Boston, Feb. 2 — A record-breaking snowstorm has shut down streets, schools and airline flights throughout the Northeast. With 34.1 inches of snow since Jan. 27, this is now Boston’s snowiest week since modern weather [...]

Hands off Boston bus drivers!

January 28, 2015

The jury trial on trumped-up charges against union leader Steve Kirschbaum will begin on Feb. 2. After months of pretrial hearings and false starts, this founder of the Boston School Bus Drivers Union will be in court facing serious felony charges. United Steelworkers Local 8751 was already in a [...]

Boston school bus drivers versus capital, low wages

November 16, 2014

On Nov. 24, the Boston school bus drivers will gather at a courthouse to show support for grievance chair and union founder Steve Kirschbaum. Kirschbaum will be on trial facing outrageous trumped-up charges — including felonious assault with a dangerous weapon — that are obviously being used by [...]

Capitalism on trial in Boston

October 31, 2014

Andre Francois, left, and Steve Kirschbaum (with bullhorn) at Sept. 15 rally. Both were illegally fired by Veolia.Photo: Howard Rotman The grievance chair and founder of the Boston School Bus Drivers’ Union will be in court on Nov. 24, facing trumped-up charges brought by the Boston-area district [...]

Masacre de Gaza expone demócratas

August 12, 2014

Si usted no se había percatado del verdadero papel del Partido Demócrata, la masacre por el ejército israelí contra civiles palestinas/os debieron abrirle los ojos. Mientras fotos y videos impresionantes de la devastación de Gaza están siendo observados las 24 horas por cualquier persona con [...]

Gaza slaughter exposes Democrats

August 9, 2014

If your eyes weren’t open to the true role of the Democratic Party, the Israeli military’s slaughter of Palestinian civilians should have snapped them wide open. As stunning photos and videos of the devastation of Gaza are being watched 24/7 by anyone with a laptop or iPhone, Democratic [...]
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