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On the picket line

By July 17, 2014

UAW forms local at Tenn. Volkswagen plant In an unorthodox move on July 10, the United Auto Workers set up Local 42 at the Volkswagen plant in Chattanooga, Tenn., where it lost a close vote (712 to 626) in February. The February vote was heavily influenced by outside interference: Republican politicians, who relied upon big […]


El Tribunal más alto ataca a las mujeres

By July 9, 2014

El Tribunal Supremo lo ha hecho de nuevo. Otorgó nuevos derechos a las corporaciones. Todo lo que una corporación tiene que hacer estos días es abogar por una nueva interpretación de una ley y — abracadabra — la corte ondea su varita mágica sobre el tema y se concede el deseo. En el caso de […]


On the picket line

By July 4, 2014

Tentative transit agreement in San Francisco Transport Workers Union Local 250-A announced on June 27 that it had reached a tentative contract agreement with the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency. Workers, after voting down the MTA’s first offer at the end of May, were so disgusted at being offered a contract that included a pay […]


Women, yes! Corporations, no!

By July 3, 2014
Women, yes! Corporations, no!

The International Working Women’s Day Coalition held an after-work protest in Union Square on June 30. The group denounced the Supreme Court’s 5-4 decision giving for-profit corporations the right, based on “religious liberty,” to limit the contraceptives their employees could select under the Affordable Care Act. Granting religious rights to corporations is a precedent-setting decision, […]


Bosses can deny birth control

By July 1, 2014
Women, yes! Corporations, no!

Top Court attacks women The Supreme Court has done it again. It bestowed new rights on corporations. All a corporation has to do these days is plead for a new interpretation of a law and — abracadabra — the court waves its magic wand over the issue and the wish is granted. In the case […]


‘Obvious Child’ a breakthrough on abortion rights

By June 22, 2014

On some issues, U.S. movies lag decades behind social change. Abortion is one of them, especially when statistically one woman out of three has an abortion during her lifetime. Finally, 41 years after the Supreme Court legalized abortion, there is a female-centered movie, “Obvious Child,” which puts a positive, realistic, honest spin on why one […]


On the picket line

By June 21, 2014

S.F. transit drivers protest contract with sick-out More than 500 drivers of San Francisco’s buses, cable cars, streetcars and light rail system called in sick from June 2 to 4 to protest contract negotiations. The workers voted against a proposed two-year contract by a vote of 1,148 to 47 three days before the sickout. The […]


On the picket line

By June 7, 2014

SuperShuttle drivers in Denver fight for their jobs SuperShuttle drivers in Denver were told they had to reapply for their jobs in March. After the company announced that it had stopped bargaining with the Communication Workers union, it also imposed a new contract, cutting wages by 30 percent. The immigrant workers’ long battle for union […]


On the picket line

By May 26, 2014

Northwest longshore workers struggle The International Longshore and Warehouse Union, whose members operate port terminals and shipping lines on 29 West Coast ports, began negotiations May 12 with the Pacific Maritime Association. The current contract covering nearly 20,000 dockworkers expires at midnight on June 30. Meanwhile, two Northwest Coast locals are locked out. Members of […]


Rights for women or corporations?

By May 9, 2014

PART 3. Can a for-profit company claim “religious liberty” based on opposition to paying for certain types of birth control for employees under the Affordable Care Act? That’s the essence of the unprecedented, controversial, possibly far-reaching case of Sebelius v. Hobby Lobby, which was presented to the Supreme Court on March 25. A similar case […]