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National actions say ‘Not one more deportation!’

By April 7, 2014

More than 80 events were held across the U.S. around the theme of “Not 1 More Deportation!” on April 5, the date immigrant rights activists estimated that the 2 millionth person would be deported under the administration of  President Barack Obama. The actions were coordinated by the National Day Labor Organizing Network, which says that […]


Solidarity shown with East Harlem residents in wake of killer gas explosion

By March 29, 2014
WW photo: Joyce Chediac

New York — A group of people from several New York City-based organizations came to East Harlem on March 23 to show their solidarity and support for the community in the wake of the March 12 gas explosion that killed eight people and injured more than 50. They also demanded reparations for this mostly Latino/a […]


Racist neglect behind East Harlem explosion

By March 17, 2014
Site of gas explosion in East Harlem.WW photo:  Johnnie Stevens

New York –  Another capitalist atrocity against the poor and people of color occurred in the neighborhood of East Harlem, N.Y., on March 12, when an explosion ripped through two tenement buildings, killing eight people, injuring more than 50 others and leveling the buildings to the ground. As of March 17, several residents of 1644 […]


Abuse survivor still on Florida’s hit list

By March 13, 2014
Marissa Alexander

Marissa Alexander faces another trial People across the country are outraged by Florida State Attorney Angela Corey’s recent decision to retry Marissa Alexander, a Black woman and a survivor of intimate partner violence who defended herself against her attacker, with the possibility of a 60-year prison sentence. In 2012, Alexander was accosted by her estranged […]


Walmart workers demand living wages

By December 5, 2013
WW photo: G. Dunkel

Challenging corporate greed, low wages and the anti-worker policies at Walmart, people organized and held protests at Walmart stores around the U.S. on “Black Friday,” Nov. 29. The busiest shopping day of the year in the U.S., it is a critical day for retail outlets to make as much profit as possible off the labor […]


Observer reports fraud in Honduras election

By November 26, 2013

Tegucigalpa, Honduras,  Nov. 25 — The Honduran people remain in a state of organized “tense calm” a day after the country’s Supreme Electoral Council (TSE) declared ruling National Party leader Juan Orlando Hernández the winner in the polls, supposedly defeating Libertad y Refundación (Libre) party candidate Xiomara Castro de Zelaya. Hondurans had turned out in […]


Going to Honduras to support popular struggle

By November 24, 2013
LeiLani Dowell

From a WWP Conference talk by LeiLani Dowell. This week a delegation will travel to Honduras to show our solidarity with the resistance there during the country’s national elections. This will be the third time the International Action Center has sent a delegation to Honduras. The first was in October 2009, when democratically elected President […]


Support grows for Boston School Bus Union

By November 13, 2013
Buffalo, N.Y.WW photo: Ellie Dorritie

Boston’s school bus drivers’ union, Steelworkers Local 8751, continues to garner support from parents, unions and community leaders in the face of an ongoing attack by the multinational conglomerate Veolia against the union and its leaders. On Nov. 6, Veolia fired two more leaders, Recording Secretary Andre Francois and three-time President Garry Murchison. This action […]


Honduras repression deepens before election

By November 1, 2013

A U.S.-sponsored military coup in Honduras on June 29, 2009, ousted elected President Manuel “Mel” Zelaya. Since that time, his spouse, Xiomara Castro de Zelaya, has become a leading figure in the movement to restore his presidency as well as a leader in the burgeoning resistance movement for the rights of all throughout the country. […]


Peoples Power Assemblies go national, build unity against racism, poverty and war

By September 4, 2013
Oakland, Calif.Photo: Al Osorio

Events were held around the country on Aug. 28, the date of the racist murder of Emmett Till in 1955 and the 50th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom. Organized by the Peoples Power Assembly movement as “Justice for Trayvon Martin Assemblies,” they demanded an end to […]

To protest verdict: We shut down LA freeway

By Jefferson On July 14, the day after a Florida court exonerated George Zimmerman, killer of Trayvon Martin, the Los Angeles Coalition for Community Control Over the Police and the International Action Center organized a rally to be held at the corner of Crenshaw and Martin Luther King boulevards in South Central Los Angeles. More than 1,000 people attended, speaking out against the verdict and other racist injustices. With the crowd overflowing into the streets, it was decided to march. […]