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Detroit WWP hosts Marxist conference

By August 28, 2014

“Marxism: The Science Behind the Struggle” was the theme of a two-day educational conference Aug. 23-24 hosted by Detroit Workers World Party and FIST — Fight Imperialism, Stand Together, a revolutionary youth group. In addition to Detroit and metropolitan Detroit, participants came from the Chicago area, Wisconsin, Ohio and Virginia. Attendees were a multinational group […]


U.S. protests: ‘We are ALL Michael Brown!’

By August 20, 2014
U.S. protests: ‘We are ALL Michael Brown!’

Vigils and demonstrations involving thousands took place the evening of Thursday, Aug. 14, in at least 90 cities across the United States to protest the police killing of Michael Brown, 18, in Ferguson, Mo. Organized quickly on social media, the somber and angry gatherings included a moment of silence for Brown at 7:20 p.m. Eastern […]


‘Make the banks pay, not retirees!’

By June 20, 2014
Detroiters protest inside Bank of America, June 13.WW photo: Kris Hamel

After picketing the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department building on June 13 to demand the end of water shutoffs to thousands of Detroit households behind in their bills, “Detroit Freedom Friday 6” participants boldly marched through downtown to Bank of America. Chanting, “Make the banks pay, not the retirees!” the protesters entered the historic Guardian […]


Struggle cancels anti-woman conference in Detroit

By June 17, 2014
Protesters target Doubletree, June 7.WW photo: Kris Hamel

On June 11, just five days after it was targeted by hundreds of protesters and thousands of petitions, Doubletree Hotel in Detroit confirmed it had canceled reservations for a conference organized by a group called “A Voice for Men,” which was scheduled to hold its first national conference there June 26-28. The group then announced […]


Detroiters say, ‘End water shutoffs!’

By June 13, 2014
Protest at Detroit Water & Sewerage headquarters, June 6.WW photo: Kris Hamel

Detroit Freedom Friday 5 gathered in front of the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department building on June 6. Activists opposing rule by the banks and their Emergency Manager, plus city retirees facing steep cuts to their pensions, environmental advocates and other concerned people, demanded an immediate end to mass water shutoffs that started in May. […]


Protest exposes anti-woman group

By June 10, 2014
WW photo: Kris Hamel

Efforts are underway to stop the anti-woman group “A Voice for Men” from holding its first international conference in Detroit the last weekend in June. This “Men’s Rights Advocates” group, based in Houston, promotes male supremacy, sexism and sexual violence against women. It was designated a hate group in 2012 by the Southern Poverty Law […]


Water is a right

By May 29, 2014
Detroit, May 23WW photo: Kris Hamel

Detroiters fight shutoffs May 26 — The city of Detroit recently began to cut off water to residents behind in their bill. The measure — in effect telling the people to “Go thirsty, dirty and sewerless!” — was part of banker and emergency-manager-imposed austerity. It aroused a rapid protest. The third “Detroit Freedom Friday” on […]


Fast food workers strike

By May 20, 2014

Something new happened on the planet on May 15. Low-wage workers in the fast food industry and their supporters went on strike and took part in protests in hundreds of cities across the United States and around the world. In its press release, FastFoodGlobal.org said that protests for higher wages occurred in 158 U.S. cities, […]


Detroiters: ‘No cuts to our pensions!’

By May 19, 2014
WW photo: Kris Hamel

Ballots will be sent the week of May 12 to tens of thousands of city of Detroit retirees to vote “yes” or “no” to pension cuts being imposed by the state-appointed emergency manager, Kevyn Orr. These cuts are part of the municipal bankruptcy forced onto the city by Orr and his law firm, Jones Day, […]


Rakiba Brown, ¡Presente!

By May 10, 2014
Rakiba Brown at International Women’s Day speakout, March 8.WW photo: Tom Michalak

The life of revolutionary activist Rakiba Brown was remembered at a memorial celebration May 3 at Central United Methodist Church in Detroit. Friends and community activists from this city and around the world were shocked and deeply saddened to learn of her death on March 21 at the age of 61. Born Gloria Elena Brown […]