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Fallout from Donald Sterling’s racism

By May 8, 2014

By Sekou Parker & John Parker Los Angeles What happens when you ignore racism? Does it go away and die of neglect, as though everyone would just “rise above it”? Or does it fester, like a bad-smelling disease, becoming increasingly more dangerous as it remains ignored? The situation with the Los Angeles Clippers in the […]


Los Angeles activists plan car caravan for low-wage workers

By April 16, 2014
Los Angeles activists, April 12.WW photo: Scott Scheffer

A “Low-Wage Campaign” community speakout was held April 12 in Los Angeles at the Harriet Tubman Center for Social Justice, which houses the International Action Center. In spite at least two other compelling and competing events, the speakout was well attended, with calls for solidarity with low-wage workers and to raise the minimum wage to […]


Report on Honduras

By December 19, 2013

Los Angeles — A gathering of activists, organizers in the Honduran community and leaders in progressive organizations fighting U.S. imperialism participated in an exciting reportback at the Harriet Tubman Center for Social Justice in Los Angeles. LeiLani Dowell was the featured speaker, along with Ramón Sánchez, a representative of the Libre Party, which ran a […]


Defending Syria’s right to sovereignty

By December 2, 2013
John ParkerWW photo: G. Dunkel

Talk given at WWP conference by John Parker. Every nation in the Middle East fighting imperialism will have victories and losses, but regardless of the missteps, the various interpretations of socialism and Arab nationalism, the various degrees of working-class empowerment and international solidarity — one can’t deny the essential role of Syria in defending the […]


Christian leader gives another view of Syria war

By November 13, 2013

In a packed Los Angeles church on Nov. 9, Mother Superior Agnes-Mariam of the Cross from Qara, Syria, spoke to an audience of mainly Syrian-Americans and anti-war activists as part of her U.S. and Canada tour. She presented an alternative view to the corporate, pro-imperialist media’s depiction of the situation in Syria concerning the “rebel” […]


Protest shows solidarity with prison hunger strike

By August 8, 2013
Los Angeles

In solidarity with the prison hunger strikers now in their fourth week of refusing food, hundreds gathered at the Downtown Federal Building in Los Angeles on July 31 to demand an end to the state-sponsored torture going on in California’s prison system’s Security Housing Units (SHUs) and that prison and state officials meet all of […]


Los Angeles demands ‘Hands off Syria’

By June 10, 2013

Hundreds of anti-war and social justice activists, representing many groups, including an organization of Syrian activists, gathered in unity to oppose the growing U.S. war moves against Syria on June 8 in Los Angeles at the Federal Building in Westwood. The action was inspired by a statement issued several weeks prior by the United National Antiwar Coalition […]


‘Community service’ or slave labor?

By May 17, 2013

Los Angeles — The prosecutor told me I had a choice: Either serve several months in prison or accept community labor for 20 days — which is really a month of work, since most folks get at least two days off a week. This seemed a little severe to me. I was arrested for protesting against Bank […]


Los Angeles protest: ‘Peace in Korea now!’

By March 16, 2013
Los Angeles

Even as thousands of U.S. soldiers, sailors, Marines and Air Force members are engaging in war “games” off the coast of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, many people in the United States are demanding that Washington stop its aggressive actions against the northern half of Korea. To underscore this sentiment, the International Action Center […]


Chickens come home to roost: Chris Dorner & Los Angeles police brutality

By February 11, 2013

Los Angeles — To protect and serve? For a growing number of Los Angeles residents, that motto is now in question. This stems from recent incidents involving Chris Dorner, a former Los Angeles Police Department officer and veteran, incidents which have apparently made it acceptable for police to target with deadly force those whom they deem […]