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Los Angeles struggle wins wage increase

May 26, 2015

Activists say ‘better, but not enough’ Los Angeles Workers Assembly Los Angeles: KFC worker chants ‘$15 yeah!’WW photo: Scott Scheffer All the pressure created by organizations and individual activists fighting for a $15 minimum wage, starting with the heroic fast food and Walmart workers [...]

Women fight back against racist killer cops

April 2, 2015

Los AngelesWW photo: John Parker Los Angeles — Women leaders in the anti-police brutality struggle that reaches from Oakland, Calif., to New York City gathered at the Harriet Tubman Center for Social Justice here on March 22 to discuss the growing movement against racist police terror and to [...]

Autopsy confirms Los Angeles police murder of Ezell Ford

January 5, 2015

Occupy LAPD Headquarters Los Angeles — After four months and an order from a mayor responding to pressure from protests organized by groups like “Community Control Over the Police” and “Black Lives Matter,” an autopsy report was finally released by the Los Angeles Police Department. [...]

The struggle for $15 an hour in Los Angeles

November 22, 2014

John ParkerWW photo: Brenda Ryan Excerpts from the talk given by John Parker at the 2014 Workers World Party National Conference in New York City. This $15-an-hour ballot initiative in Los Angeles is about changing the relationship between capital and labor by establishing powerful workers’ [...]

Los Angeles activists petition for $15 minimum wage

November 15, 2014

The city of Los Angeles has a $15 Minimum Wage Ballot Initiative, introduced by the Los Angeles Workers Assembly, which will actively collect signatures until the end of January 2015. Upon voter approval, it would immediately lift the wages of 800,000 workers. This puts a spotlight on wage theft [...]

‘We still need $15 and a union – now!’

September 29, 2014

Organizations in Los Angeles are attempting to put a $15-an-hour minimum wage referendum on the ballot for that city. John Parker, who wrote this statement published on Sept. 9, is a coordinator of the Los Angeles Workers Assembly and main proponent of the $15 Minimum Wage Ballot Initiative [...]

Outside the funeral, conversations about racist brutality

August 26, 2014

At the Michael Brown funeral.WW photo: John Parker Ferguson, Mo., Aug. 25 — Many thousands of people, the majority of them standing outside the Friendly Temple Missionary Baptist Church, gathered here in solidarity today to comfort the family of Michael Brown, who was fatally shot by a Ferguson [...]

Ferguson, Mo., community activists talk to WW

August 25, 2014

Ferguson, Mo., Aug. 24 — Abdul Syed marches courageously and in solidarity with the hundreds of protesters who march nightly demanding justice for the family of Michael Brown and an end to police terror. In spite of the intense police repression and the fact that he is Pakistani and Muslim and [...]

Fallout from Donald Sterling’s racism

May 8, 2014

By Sekou Parker & John Parker Los Angeles What happens when you ignore racism? Does it go away and die of neglect, as though everyone would just “rise above it”? Or does it fester, like a bad-smelling disease, becoming increasingly more dangerous as it remains ignored? The situation with [...]
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