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And still the Ukraine – an interim report

June 29, 2014

The following article is by Kai Ehlers, a German-based expert on the former Soviet Union. We publish it as a progressive contribution to the discussion on Ukraine and food for thought about the developments there. Translation by Workers World managing editor John Catalinotto. June 25 — This one [...]

Stop $ for Ukraine murders

June 15, 2014

WW photo: Greg Butterfield The International Action Center, joined by activists from Fight Imperialism, Stand Together (FIST), held an emergency protest at the downtown end of Times Square in New York on June 6 to educate and mobilize against the attack on the people of the Donbass region of [...]

Bowe Bergdahl: hero or scapegoat?

June 11, 2014

U.S. imperialism’s political switches can be breathtaking. It only took two days for Bowe Bergdahl to change from a diplomatic tool to a political football. That dizzying switch has one positive result: It helps expose the reactionary character of the U.S. occupation of Afghanistan and gives an [...]

A look inside the European Union vote

June 7, 2014

Elections to the European Union Parliament held May 25 reflected the growing mass revulsion against the centrist parties that have directed most Western European governments and the EU itself — especially given the EU’s management of the severe capitalist crisis that struck in 2008 and has [...]

Spanish king abdicates; masses demand end to monarchy

June 3, 2014

Movement calls for referendum on the monarchy. June 3 — King Juan Carlos I of Spain was forced to announce his abdication on June 2 after mass popular revulsion, heated by six years of economic crisis and 26 percent unemployment. The big question now is whether this opening of the valve on the [...]

Venezuela-Palestine fuel deal

May 26, 2014

Bolivarian Venezuela continued its support for Palestine liberation that existed consistently during the 15 years when Hugo Chávez was president. The two countries agreed on an energy pact in which the oil-rich Latin American country will provide diesel fuel to the Mideast country, which has been [...]

Europeans show solidarity with Ukrainian anti-fascists

May 17, 2014

Solidarity with the resistance in southeastern Ukraine has spread to at least six West European countries’ anti-war movements. The actions described below were reported to Workers World after we sent out a call by the United National Anti-war Coalition (UNAC) for solidarity demonstrations across [...]

NYC meeting kicks off actions on Ukraine

May 14, 2014

LeiLani Dowell Meeting at Riverside Church on May 10, anti-war activists from the New York metropolitan area gave a kick-start to three weeks of activities in solidarity with the anti-fascist movement in Eastern Ukraine and opposing new U.S.-NATO ­aggression against Russia. Former WBAI Program [...]

Victor Toro can stay in U.S., but with no ID

May 10, 2014

Victor Toro at May Day rally, Union Square, NYC.WW photo: G. Dunkel At an April 30 immigration hearing in New York for Chilean activist Victor Toro, the U.S. government changed its stance and stopped trying to show that Toro was a “terrorist,” but at the same time refused to honor his appeal [...]

Portugal’s April 25 and the right to rebellion

April 25, 2014

By Miguel Urbano Rodrigues Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal April 25 — Forty years have passed since April 25, 1974. Today throughout the country, the Portuguese people will celebrate the anniversary of the overthrow of fascism. The goal of the military coup that morning was to end the colonial war. [...]
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