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Worldwide solidarity with Gaza

By July 22, 2014
Jakarta, Indonesia

Often the corporate media use the term “international community” to give weight to an opinion that is really the opinion of a handful of imperialist heads of state — from the U.S., its major NATO allies and Japan. Since the Israeli assault on Gaza began, the real international community is coming out into the streets, […]


Around the world, people stand with Gaza against Israeli massacres

By July 15, 2014

July 15 — People from all around the world and some governments have rallied to the side of the Palestinian people in Gaza, who are under relentless attack from the U.S.-armed Israeli state. Here is a small sample of what has been taking place worldwide. (Also see report on Africa on page 10.) From Venezuela, […]


100 years later — what caused World War I?

By July 11, 2014

On June 28 just a century ago, Gavrilo Princip, a 19-year-old patriot from the oppressed nation of Bosnia-Herzegovina, assassinated Archduke Ferdinand of Austria. Ferdinand was the symbol of the tyrannical rule of the decadent Habsburg Empire over Princip’s country. The militarist rulers in Vienna, the capital of the empire, seized on the assassination in Sarajevo as […]


Israel prepares criminal invasion of Gaza

By July 9, 2014
Thousands of Palestinians and their supporters take to the streets of New York City in protest, July 9.  WW photo: Sara Flounders

July 9 — The Israeli apartheid state has called up as many as 40,000 reserve troops to prepare for an all-out invasion of the Gaza territory, where 1.5 million Palestinians live. Because of Israel’s blockade of Gaza, the territory has been described as “the largest open-air prison in the world.” Beginning July 7, Israeli planes […]


Algerian soccer heroes shine for Gaza

By July 8, 2014
Algeria's soccer heroes

Algeria’s soccer team competing in the World Cup in Brazil took the prize this year. No, not for winning the cup, although it’s true the Fennec Foxes got further along in the tournament than ever before. The prize the Foxes won was that of advancing the politics of the World Cup spectacle. The cup, like […]


And still the Ukraine – an interim report

By June 29, 2014

The following article is by Kai Ehlers, a German-based expert on the former Soviet Union. We publish it as a progressive contribution to the discussion on Ukraine and food for thought about the developments there. Translation by Workers World managing editor John Catalinotto. June 25 — This one even Petro Poroshenko’s sponsors were unable to […]


Stop $ for Ukraine murders

By June 15, 2014
WW photo: Greg Butterfield

The International Action Center, joined by activists from Fight Imperialism, Stand Together (FIST), held an emergency protest at the downtown end of Times Square in New York on June 6 to educate and mobilize against the attack on the people of the Donbass region of Ukraine. The Kiev-based regime, with full support from U.S. and […]


Bowe Bergdahl: hero or scapegoat?

By June 11, 2014

U.S. imperialism’s political switches can be breathtaking. It only took two days for Bowe Bergdahl to change from a diplomatic tool to a political football. That dizzying switch has one positive result: It helps expose the reactionary character of the U.S. occupation of Afghanistan and gives an opportunity to review U.S. imperialism’s role in that […]


A look inside the European Union vote

By June 7, 2014

Elections to the European Union Parliament held May 25 reflected the growing mass revulsion against the centrist parties that have directed most Western European governments and the EU itself — especially given the EU’s management of the severe capitalist crisis that struck in 2008 and has remained in force ever since. Only 43 percent of […]


Spanish king abdicates; masses demand end to monarchy

By June 3, 2014
Movement calls for referendum on the monarchy.

June 3 — King Juan Carlos I of Spain was forced to announce his abdication on June 2 after mass popular revulsion, heated by six years of economic crisis and 26 percent unemployment. The big question now is whether this opening of the valve on the social pressure cooker will blow off steam without causing […]