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U.S. officials caught in Ukraine plot

By February 13, 2014
Leftists demonstrate at U.S. Embassy in Kiev, resist imperialist attempt to colonize Ukraine.

U.S. spying devices record phone calls of enemies, allies, neutrals and bystanders alike. Do U.S. officials think no one records their own calls? It seems that one such call was recorded and leaked to the Internet. It revealed much about U.S. and European Union imperialist intervention in Ukraine as well U.S.-EU tactical differences. On Feb. […]


U.S./EU imperialists aim to seize Ukraine

By February 7, 2014

U.S. and European Union imperialism are deep in Ukraine, backing one side of the internal power struggle, with the goal of making this former Soviet republic a colonial appendage of the West, while handing a setback to Russia. Imperialist government representatives from the U.S., the EU and Germany have stood with “opposition” protesters in capital […]


Solidarity with Guadeloupe’s unions

By February 3, 2014
Jocelyn Lapitre, Guadeloupe union representative.

Jocelyn Lapitre, a leading trade unionist from Guadeloupe, visited New York from Jan. 21 to Jan. 24 to garner support and solidarity for his organizations, the General Union of Workers of Guadeloupe (UGTG) and the Coalition Against Exploitation (LKP), both of which are facing a harsh attack. Those attacking are the French authorities who rule […]


90 years after death, Lenin’s contributions appreciated

By January 31, 2014
V.I. Lenin

Lenin is the recognized leader of the political party that directed the working-class’s seizure of state power in Russia in the fall of 1917. For the first time in history, a subject class was placed at the head of society. Lenin had built the Bolshevik Party, later the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, and […]


Rebellion against banks rocks Spain

By January 23, 2014
Gamonal residents demand prisoners be freed. Burgos, Spain.

A mid-January mass rebellion in one neighborhood of a mid-sized city in north-central Spain beat back a rightist City Hall government and sparked solidarity protests in nearly 50 other cities. This first working-class victory since the capitalist crisis exploded in 2008 has turned the name of the area — Gamonal — into a cry of […]


Meeting seeks justice for Iraq

By January 18, 2014

An increase in deaths in Iraq from internal fighting and bombing doubled in 2013 from a year earlier, reaching levels unseen since 2008. In early January, the Nouri al-Maliki regime launched an attack on demonstrators in Falluja and Ramadi, using the alleged presence of al-Qaida as a pretext and asking for U.S. military aid. It […]


Petition protests Interpol’s arrest of journalist

By January 15, 2014
Kimyongür Bahar in Brussels on Nov. 13. His sign reads: ‘No to war in Syria.’Photo: Dursun Aydemir

After 13 days in prison following an international arrest warrant issued against him, Kimyongür Bahar, a Belgian citizen of Turkish origins, is currently under house arrest in Massa, Italy. Bahar is an anti-war activist and political journalist who the Turkish government, led by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, has declared to be a “terrorist” even […]


Longest railroad strike in south Korea ends, struggle continues

By January 10, 2014

Thousands of south Korean railroad workers ended their strike Dec. 30 after three weeks of intense struggle against the right-wing, anti-labor regime of President Park Geun-hye. It was the longest railroad strike in the history of Korail, the national railroad company. This intense class conflict has now moved to parliament, where a committee made up […]


Conferencia WW-Mundo Obrero debate estrategias para derribar el capitalismo

By November 26, 2013

Trabajadores/as. Juventud. Detroit. Boston. Estos temas están ahora en el primer plano de la conciencia de muchos/as de los/as activistas políticos que asistieron a la conferencia nacional anual del Partido Workers World /Mundo Obrero de este año. Fue una experiencia que marca la vida. No sólo por las palabras, sino por la vibrante atmósfera inducida […]


WWP Conference grapples with strategies to overturn dead-end capitalism

By November 20, 2013

Workers. Youth. Detroit. Boston. These are now in the forefront of the consciousness of many of the political activists who attended this year’s Workers World Party annual national conference. It was a life-changing experience. Not just the words, but the electric atmosphere sparked early in the Nov. 16-17 weekend meeting here in New York. More […]