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Articles by John Catalinotto

Bombardeo EUA en Siria abre nueva guerra en Medio Oriente

October 7, 2014

La máquina militar estadounidense ha abierto una nueva campaña de bombardeos, y ahora dentro de los límites de un estado soberano, Siria, sin invitación del gobierno de Damasco. Cada escalada solidifica la nueva guerra de EUA contra los pueblos de esa región. Estados Unidos está bombardeando [...]

U.S. bombs Syria, opens new war in Middle East

September 29, 2014

Sept. 28 — The U.S. military machine has opened up a new bombing campaign, this one within the boundaries of a sovereign state, Syria, without an invitation from the government in Damascus. Each escalation solidifies the new U.S. war against the people of that region. The U.S. is bombing under [...]

Congress backs Obama’s ‘war on Islamic State’

September 27, 2014

Washington slid further down the slippery slope toward a new major war in Western Asia as Congress voted support for arming and training 5,000 troops from the “moderate opposition” in Syria. Meanwhile the top military brass expressed their skepticism that U.S. goals would be reached without [...]

Why Obama’s ‘war on ISIS’ must be opposed

September 16, 2014

President Barack Obama announced Sept.10 that the U.S. military would build an international coalition to make “war on the Islamic State.” He said there were already 10 countries in this coalition. Administration spokespeople on the Sept. 14 Sunday morning talk shows said they were still [...]

NATO Summit sets agenda for aggression

September 9, 2014

Protest at NATO Summit in Newport, Wales. Imperialist heads of state at the Sept. 4-5 NATO Summit in Newport, Wales, met under U.S. pressure to escalate their anti-Russia maneuvers regarding Ukraine, to schedule their gradual exit from Afghanistan and to open war on the Islamic State. The [...]

Protests begin at NATO Summit

September 2, 2014

Thousands of anti-war marchers descended on Newport, Wales, on Aug. 30 for the beginning of a week of protests against the NATO Summit scheduled there for Sept. 4 and 5. Organizers have said they expect 20,000 people in the Welsh city by Sept. 4. NATO leaders are purposely holding their talks away [...]

U.S. expands military role in Iraq

August 21, 2014

Aug. 18 — This morning the Iraqi government forces claimed they had retaken control of the Mosul Dam in northern Iraq from the Islamic State fighters. The Iraqi army is reportedly fighting in alliance with the Peshmerga, the army of the authorities in the Kurdish area of Iraq known as Iraqi [...]

Guitar Center unfair to workers

August 17, 2014

New York — Scabby the Rat made an unusual appearance on 44th Street west of Broadway on Aug. 8, with a guitar slung across his chest. He was staring at the entrance to the Guitar Center, the largest musical instrument retailer in the U.S., with 315 stores and 10,000 workers. The union rat is [...]

U.S. reopens war on Iraq

August 12, 2014

Aug. 11 — President Barack Obama has now become the fourth successive U.S. president to order the bombing of Iraq, this time with a “humanitarian” pretext. But it soon became clear that Obama’s “humanitarian” excuse was as much a lie as the pretexts raised by the other three U.S. [...]

An assassination that announced World War I

August 8, 2014

July 31 — One hundred years ago today a brutal assassination announced the outbreak of World War I. No, it was not the killing in Sarajevo of Archduke Ferdinand, representative of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The June 28, 1914, shooting of this inconsequential political figure, who was scorned by [...]
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