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Native & environmental activists take on GE & Big Oil

By January 18, 2014
Equipment at oil sands mine in Alberta, Canada.

The tar sands of Alberta, Canada, are the dirtiest, most polluting oil source in North America and require very specialized, massive evaporators to extract the oil they contain. For months, a coalition of Native and environmental activists has been fighting the transportation of this equipment through Indigenous lands in the Northwest. General Electric makes these […]


Four years after devastating earthquake, Haitians get nothing but imperialist occupation

By January 14, 2014

The horrific Jan. 12, 2010, earthquake in Haiti caused building collapses in Port-au-Prince and its suburbs that killed at least 300,000 people. It left an uncounted number injured and 1.5 million homeless. Four years later, according to the Ministry of Public Works, an estimated 20 percent of the ruble has yet to be removed. Only […]


Kalashnikov: the worker and the rifle

By January 13, 2014

Mikhail Timofeyevich Kalashnikov, the designer of the famous AK-47 assault rifle, died at the age of 94 at the end of December 2013 in Izhevsk, Russia, where he had lived in a simple apartment house since just after World War II. He was the 17th child of a peasant family, born in western Siberia. The […]


Eurozone imperialism swallows Latvia

By January 11, 2014

Latvia, a small country on the southeastern shore of the Baltic Sea, officially joined the Eurozone on Jan. 1. The Latvian government had applied the most rigorous austerity policy of any country in Europe. Christine Lagarde, the director of the International Monetary Fund, called Latvia a “model for Greece and Spain.” For European imperialists and […]


German union takes on Internet giant

By January 3, 2014

Starting last March and again during the December holiday rush, the German service workers’ union Ver.di, which is organizing the workers at Amazon’s German operation, has conducted a series of short strikes in the company’s warehouses demanding higher pay and union recognition. Ver.di is the second largest German union, with 2.3 million workers. As Amazon’s […]


Haiti: Battle for $11 – a day – minimum wage

By December 19, 2013

By the hundreds and thousands, Haitian workers marched and protested from Dec. 9 to Dec. 12, demanding that the Supreme Council on Wages (CSS) raise the minimum wage to 500 gourdes a day, which is about $11. Big protests took place in Port-au-Prince and smaller ones in Ouanaminthe, a processing center on the border with […]


Saying no to low wages

By December 2, 2013

Activists from the People’s Power Assembly, Occu-Evolve and the Labor Outreach committee of Occupy Wall Street organized a speakout and tabling in front of a Bed, Bath and Beyond store in lower Manhattan, N.Y., on Nov. 23. The speakers and literature supported workers’ rights to a living wage of at least $15 an hour, full-time […]


Thousands in Haiti Say: ‘Martelly Must Go!’


On Nov. 18, thousands of protesters came out into the streets throughout Haiti to say, “Down with Martelly!” They were commemorating the 210th anniversary of the battle of Vertières, when Jean-Jacques Dessalines led his forces to decisive victory in Haiti’s revolutionary war against its French slave masters. Demonstrators throughout Haiti marked the day by calling […]


Could a Cuban vaccine have prevented a Princeton epidemic?

By November 30, 2013

Eight Princeton University students have contracted type B meningitis since March. Meningitis, which inflames the lining around the brain and nerves, is a deadly disease to which young people are particularly susceptible. Even with prompt treatment, 10 percent of all cases are fatal and among those who survive, impairments are common. About 500 people died […]


More austerity, more struggle in Greece

By November 14, 2013

From the night of Nov. 10 to early the next morning, protesters filled Athen’s Syntagma Square in front of the Greek parliament. Syriza, the left party with the largest number of seats and votes in parliament, had filed a censure motion against the government and called its supporters to come out in support. The protesters […]