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The low-wage spark

By January 25, 2014

The struggle to raise the federal minimum wage from $7.25 to $15 an hour, which is being embraced not only by many unions but by a wide range of popular and community-based organizations, is a struggle to reverse the decades-long trend in the United States to impoverish the working class. This is especially so where […]


Conciencia de clase – de políticos y obreros

By January 21, 2014

Editorial WW-MO 17 de enero de 2014 El fundador y cabeza del partido Workers World – Mundo Obrero, Sam Marcy, escribió que “la democracia  es simplemente un marco que oculta el carácter de clase depredador del Estado burgués”. En un momento en que el pueblo trabajador en todo EE.UU. está lidiando para encontrar la manera […]


Class consciousness – of politicians, workers

By January 17, 2014

Workers World founder and chairperson, Sam Marcy, wrote that “democracy is merely a form which hides the predatory class character of the bourgeois state.” At a time when working people throughout the U.S. are scrambling to figure out how to survive in the face of unemployment benefit cuts, a recent analysis confirms the truth of […]


Imperialists praise ‘butcher’ Sharon

By January 14, 2014

More bully than soldier, Israeli’s Ariel Sharon, nicknamed both “the butcher” for slaughtering Palestinians and “the bulldozer” for destroying their homes, died Jan. 11 after spending the last eight years in a coma. Were there not so many imperialist politicians and media describing Sharon as a “peacemaker” and thus distorting his life story, we would […]


Disasters and their causes

By January 10, 2014

Syria. Libya. Iraq. South Sudan. Horror stories from these countries filled the international news as 2014 began. Humanitarian disasters. Ethnic warfare. An unexplained resurgence of al-Qaida, the current enemy-in-chief of the imperialist propaganda machine. Horror stories for the local populations. In South Sudan and Libya, there is even talk of expanding the U.S. military presence […]


¿Por qué no hay amnistía aquí?

By January 8, 2014

Editorial Workers World-Mundo Obrero del 1º de enero En diciembre, el presidente ruso Vladimir Putin firmó una amnistía para unas/os 20.000 prisioneros — incluyendo a las/os manifestantes de Greenpeace, la banda de punk Pussy Riot quienes son consideradas disidentes, y su oponente político, el multimillonario Mikhail Khodorkovsky.  Los enemigos políticos de Putin rápidamente denunciaron esta […]


The good news

By January 6, 2014

The bad news is that capitalism is forcing more suffering on the workers and oppressed. Some 1.3 million jobless workers who have been living off extended unemployment benefits — extended because even the government had to admit that the jobs just weren’t there — will be scrambling to survive after Dec. 28 when the checks […]


Why not amnesty here?

By January 1, 2014

In December, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed an amnesty for some 20,000 prisoners — including the Greenpeace protesters, the Pussy Riot punk band, who are considered dissidents, and his billionaire political opponent Mikhail Khodorkovsky. Putin’s political enemies quickly denounced this amnesty as a cynical political maneuver, a comment repeated widely in the imperialist media. Khodorkovsky […]


¡Defender a Corea socialista!


Editorial WW-MO 17 de diciembre 2013 El 13 de diciembre, la Agencia Central de Noticias de Corea, voz oficial de la República Popular Democrática de Corea, informó que un miembro de alto rango del gobierno, Jang Song Thaek, había sido juzgado y ejecutado por haber “perpetrado actos disidentes contrarrevolucionarios en contra del partido, en un […]


Defend socialist Korea!

By December 17, 2013

On Dec. 13, the Korean Central News Agency, an official voice of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, reported that a high-ranking member of the government, Jang Song Thaek, had been tried and executed for having “perpetrated anti-party, counter-revolutionary factional acts in a bid to overthrow the leadership of our party and state and the […]