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A crack that lets in light

September 11, 2013

In this age of horribly destructive weapons and the ability of U.S. government agencies to pore over everyone’s private communications — if they are digitized, as most are — there is a tendency to regard the capitalist state as all-powerful, a juggernaut that can roll over everyone if it [...]

Unions must reach out to youth

September 8, 2013

The AFL-CIO Convention should put on its front burner how to win the loyalty of youth to organized labor. To win them, the unionists will have to do the right thing, the courageous thing. Taking this step is vital for the very survival of the movement. At one time, the children of most union [...]

In the Bush tradition, Obama lies to push war on Syria

August 31, 2013

Aug. 31 — Barack Obama’s speech today, delivered from the White House Rose Garden, was aimed at winning the acquiescence of the war-weary and austerity-clobbered people in the United States for an illegal, aggressive and highly dangerous assault on the sovereign nation of Syria. Obama may not [...]

¡Alto a la agresión EE.UU. contra Siria!

August 28, 2013

Antes de hablar de alguno de los detalles de la última gran mentira, WW-Mundo Obrero denuncia cualquier ataque aéreo o con misiles contra Siria como un crimen de guerra internacional. Hacemos un llamado a todas las fuerzas contra la guerra en los Estados Unidos para hacer frente y decir “no” [...]

Stop U.S. aggression on Syria!

August 25, 2013

Aug. 25 — Before we discuss any of the details of the latest Big Lie, Workers World denounces any missile or air attack on Syria as an international war crime. We call upon all anti-war forces in the United States to stand up to say “No!” to this act of aggression. U.S. imperialism is poised [...]

Fight to free Chelsea Manning

August 22, 2013

It was no surprise, but no less a crime of U.S. military injustice, that Pvt. Chelsea Manning was sentenced to 35 years in prison. And there is no reason that the movement that supports this young soldier, whose actions most of the world’s people consider heroic, should slow down its actions to [...]

All unite to fight racism

August 21, 2013

Key to the class struggle Reality has demolished the myth that classes and class struggle don’t exist in the United States. Never true, lately it’s obvious that the very rich have waged a one-sided class war against the poor and indeed against all of us have to sell our labor to live. The [...]

¡Alto la masacre en Egipto!

August 21, 2013

14 de agosto de 2013 – Workers World/Mundo Obrero condena la reciente masacre de partidarios de la Hermandad Musulmana que se manifestaban en El Cairo. Fue ordenada por los generales egipcios entrenados por Estados Unidos quienes previamente habían llevado a cabo el golpe militar que derrocó al [...]

Stop the massacre in Egypt!

August 14, 2013

Workers World condemns the latest massacre of Muslim Brotherhood supporters demonstrating in Cairo. It was ordered by the U.S.-trained Egyptian generals who had earlier carried out the military coup that ousted elected President Mohamed Morsi. This bloody slaughter, along with the appointment of 17 [...]

Let Lynne go!

August 13, 2013

Another vindictive assault has taken place against a courageous people’s lawyer. On Aug. 8, District Judge John Koetl rejected Lynne Stewart’s most recent appeal for compassionate release from prison, claiming that the court cannot intervene until the Federal Bureau of Prisons has filed a [...]
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