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Tweets, the Cuban 5 and the U.S. blockade

By April 5, 2014

A widely distributed Associated Press article on April 3 revealed details of yet another covert U.S. program meant to undermine socialist Cuba. The AP’s investigative report, titled “U.S. secretly built ‘Cuban Twitter’ to stir unrest,” describes a multimillion-dollar program funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development that was meant to gather intelligence on cellphone […]


Uruguay president says: Yes to Gitmo prisoners, now what about Cuban 5?

By March 27, 2014

Uruguayan President Jose Mujica broke through the U.S. corporate media blockade and made headlines about the Cuban 5 heroes — three of whom remain in U.S. prisons. In a radio broadcast on March 21, Mujica reported that Uruguay would accept prisoners from the notorious U.S. Guantanamo concentration camp and also urged the U.S. to free […]


Vote for the Cuban 5 now!

By March 17, 2014

Ask your friends to vote for them too. Voting ends 5 p.m. on March 21. IT WILL TAKE ONLY ONE MINUTE OF YOUR TIME! humanrightsaward.org/2014-peoples-choice/contest/#!/entry/6042488 The 2014 People’s Choice Award will be announced on April 9 by Global Exchange. Every effort to make the Case of the Cuban 5 known contributes to the jury of […]


Britain denies visa to Cuban 5 hero

By March 15, 2014

The British labor movement reacted swiftly when the government there denied an entry visa to Cuban 5 hero René González. González was to be the main witness for “The International Commission of Inquiry on the Case of the Cuban 5,” held at London’s Law Society on March 7 and 8. In an open letter published […]


Debt, Cuba and Detroit

By February 15, 2014
Photo: Daymon J. Hartley

The following is excerpted from a talk by Cheryl LaBash, an organizer for last summer’s Five Days for the Cuban 5 and co-chair of the National Network on Cuba. LaBash highlighted the relationship between the struggle to free the Cuban 5; the development of economic solidarity structures throughout Latin America and the Caribbean, particularly the […]


City bankruptcy one of many attacks on Detroiters

By January 9, 2014

Jan. 5 — The new year began with the swearing in of Detroit’s first white mayor in 40 years and a city council elected in geographical districts. What is notable about Mayor Mike Duggan is how quickly he came to a working agreement with Kevyn Orr, the city’s appointed emergency manager, and how thoroughly and […]


British TV airs Snowden statement

By January 1, 2014

Whistleblower Edward Snowden spoke to the world for the first time on Dec. 25 via an Alternative Christmas Message aired by Britain’s commercial television, Channel 4. Snowden said, “[O]ur governments, working in concert, have created a system of worldwide mass surveillance, watching everything we do.” The computer analyst spoke from temporary asylum in Russia, where […]


Tucson gathering to say ‘Tear down the walls’

By November 1, 2013

Arizona activists are frontline in the battle to tear down the wall separating Indigenous and Latino/a people on either side of the U.S./Mexico border. As many in the Southwestern states point out, the border crossed them and their ancestors when the United States stole territories belonging to Mexico in the 19th century [“We didn’t cross […]


Detroit City Council tells EM and banks, ‘No!’

By October 22, 2013

Oct. 21 — In a unanimous vote today, Detroit’s City Council refused to rubber stamp the state-appointed Emergency Manager’s plan to pay off loans called “interest rate swaps” that would cost the city millions of dollars in inflated interest to the banks. Detroit residents, who had filled all the seats in the small chamber to […]


Cintas amarillas y un nuevo libro para liberar a los 5 Cubanos

By September 24, 2013

Los/as cubanos/as adornaron su isla con cintas amarillas el 12 de septiembre, en el 15º aniversario de la detención de cinco hombres cubanos en Miami.  Incluso el Washington Post, el cual ha ignorado o ha sido hostil a la campaña para liberar a los Cinco Cubanos, publicó un artículo de Prensa Asociada ese día titulado […]