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Fast food workers doing ‘Whatever it takes’ to win

By September 8, 2014

Thousands of fast food workers fighting for a $15 hourly wage and union protection walked off their jobs on Sept. 4 in more than 150 U.S. cities. Some 465 workers and their supporters were arrested during the one-day strike for engaging in acts of civil disobedience, blocking streets around McDonald’s, Burger King, Pizza Hut, Taco […]


Palestinian youth speak in Philadelphia

By August 16, 2014
WW photo: Joseph Piette

Three young Palestinian activists — Majd Ahmad, Omar Abuasi and Rajai Dias — addressed a Philadelphia meeting on Aug. 12 on the Gaza resistance to Israeli occupation and the impact of the decades long occupation of Palestine on their own families and lives.  All three are leaders in local movements dedicated to raising awareness of […]


Millions globally protest Israel’s war on Gaza

By July 29, 2014
Marseille, France

During the week of July 21-27, millions of people turned out in protests around the world to demand that Israel “Stop the war on Gaza.”  As news that the mounting civilian death toll in Gaza surpassed 1,000, mass marches filled the streets of nearly every major world city, including in Israel itself. On July 26, over […]


Oil trains seen as ‘mile-long bombs’

By July 13, 2014

A runaway train carrying Bakken formation crude oil derailed last year on July 6. The resulting explosion killed 47 people and demolished the town center of Lac-Mégantic, Quebec, Canada. The severity and frequency of crude oil train derailments since then has sparked a call for a week of protests this year beginning July 6, in […]


For-profit tech corporations gain from Common Core testing

By June 17, 2014

In 2002, President George W. Bush ushered in the No Child Left Behind Act that introduced standardized testing throughout elementary schools in the U.S. These teach-to-the-test policies failed miserably, forcing teachers to waste valuable classroom time preparing students for tests, leaving little time to develop students’ basic reading, math and analytical skills. NCLB also resulted […]


Philadelphia protests denounce cutbacks in public education

By June 13, 2014
June 9

Twice in one week, protests against severe underfunding of public schools took to the streets of Center City, Philadelphia.  On June 9, over 1,000 teachers, students and community activists gathered outside the Union League to denounce both Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who were supposedly inside for a private fundraiser for Corbett. […]


Walmart workers strike in 20 cities

Union City, Calif.WW photo: Terri Kay

In response to company harassment and attempts to silence workers who had protested and walked off their jobs over intolerable working conditions, Walmart workers in over 20 cities struck and demonstrated June 4 in a National Strike Day and Action on Inequality. Demands included “No retaliation against workers fighting for a just wage” and “$25,000 […]


Hundreds in Philly rally to rehire Monteiro

By May 18, 2014
Rally at Temple University, May 8.WW photo: Joseph Piette

Hundreds of students and community activists gathered at Temple University in Philadelphia on May 8 for a rousing rally calling for the rehiring of Dr. Anthony Monteiro and the firing of Dean Teresa Soufas. Rally speakers included Dr. Cornel West; Marc Lamont Hill; Pam Africa; state Rep. Curtis Thomas; Henry Nicholas, president of Service Employees […]


Manifestantes les dicen a los jefes de restaurantes

By May 7, 2014

Washington, DC — Era lluvioso, ventoso y frío, pero esto no disminuyó el entusiasmo de decenas de manifestantes que se congregaron en frente del Edificio Ronald Reagan y el Centro de Comercio Internacional en Washington, DC el 29 de abril para decir a la Asociación Nacional de Restaurantes que “No podemos sobrevivir con $7.25 a […]


Mumia’s 60th birthday re-energizes the struggle to free him

By May 6, 2014
WW photo: Joseph Piette

Philadelphia — Three days of events organized to accelerate the struggle to bring political prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal home kicked off on April 24 in Philadelphia with a standing-room-only dinner in honor of Mumia, who turned 60 years old that day.  The evening program, held at Opportunity Inc., was dedicated to the Amiri Baraka family and […]