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Imperialism escalated intervention in Africa throughout 2013

By December 18, 2013

A section of the South Sudanese army, backed by politicians angry with the policies of President Silva Kiir, attempted to seize power from the ruling Sudan People’s Liberation Movement  government in Juba on Dec 16. The Republic of South Sudan is the newest nation recognized by the United Nations and the African Union. It gained […]


Pentagon abets French incursion in Africa

By December 12, 2013

After a Dec. 8 meeting between U.S. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel and French Defense Minister Yves Le Drian while both were in Afghanistan, Hagel ordered the Pentagon to assist France’s military buildup in the Central African Republic. With the backing of the U.N. Security Council, the Francois Hollande government has more than doubled France’s […]


Mandela’s legacy extends from South Africa, the Continent to the world

By December 11, 2013
Nelson Mandela and Fidel Castro meet in
Durban in 1998 for Non-Aligned Movement Summit.

Nelson Mandela’s death has drawn responses from throughout the U.S. and the world. To oppressed and working people, Mandela was a symbol and example of self-sacrifice and lifelong commitment to revolutionary change. Placing his legacy in a revolutionary perspective is important in countering the corporate media view, which attempts to strip away the actual history […]


Tributes to South African hero, Nelson Mandela

By December 6, 2013
Nelson Mandela

Dec. 6 — We in Workers World join the billions who are grieving for Nelson Mandela, who died on Dec. 5 in Johannesburg, South Africa. We reprint below an article we published last July when Mandela was hospitalized. Former Republic of South Africa President Nelson Mandela turned 95 while being treated at a hospital near […]


As Egypt’s generals widen crackdown, new protest law stirs resistance


A military-appointed, 50-member committee approved a draft of amendments to the Egyptian constitution on Dec. 1. The draft was to be submitted on Dec. 3 to “interim” President Adly Mansour, who will decide whether presidential or parliamentary elections will be held first in Egypt’s so-called political “roadmap.” The committee, known as a “constituent assembly,” has […]


South African miners’ strike enters second month

By December 4, 2013

A major struggle between the National Union of Mineworkers and the bosses at Northam Platinum’s Zondereinde facilities is turning out to be a critical test for this important labor organization in South Africa. NUM has been on strike for more than a month, but management has refused to budge on its fundamental demands. Some 7,000 […]


Federal judge rules in favor of banks and political dictatorship in Detroit bankruptcy decision

By December 3, 2013

Dec. 3 — Judge Steven Rhodes has ruled that a state-imposed emergency manager was acting legally when bankruptcy was filed over and above the objections of the people of Detroit. The judge also said that pensions guaranteed under the Michigan constitution could be diminished. Rhodes stated that even though Kevyn Orr, the emergency manager and […]


Film review: “12 Years a Slave” illustrates horrors of U.S. slavery

Chiwetel Ejiofor, Lupita Nyong’o and Steve McQueen

Africans were enslaved by Britain and the United States in continental North America for nearly 250 years (1619-1865). The profits accrued from the Atlantic slave trade led to the rise of industrial capitalism and the worldwide exploitative system of imperialism. (See “Capitalism and Slavery” by Eric Williams, 1944) A new film directed by Steve McQueen, […]


U.N. climate conference fails to agree to reduce pollution

By December 2, 2013

More than 190 countries attended the 19th United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, this one in Warsaw, Poland, which on Nov. 23 again ended without firm commitments to limit carbon dioxide emissions. Environmentalists condemned the event, declaring that the intransigence of the Western industrialized states prevented any substantial agreement. Since these meetings began in […]


Charges filed in killing of Renisha McBride

Renisha McBride

A Dearborn Heights, Mich., homeowner, Theodore P. Wafer, has been charged with second-degree murder in the Nov. 2 shooting death of Renisha McBride, a 19-year-old African-American woman who was recently employed by the Ford Motor Company. McBride had been in a traffic accident in the suburb west of Detroit and was seeking assistance when she […]

Temple students rally against police brutality Temple students rally against police brutality

Temple University students and supporters gathered Nov. 4 for a rally against police brutality in response to recent beatings and assaults by campus police and Philadelphia cops. The organization People Utilizing Real Power called the action to encourage people to speak out against brutality in order to protect their communities. […]