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    A “beat-up squad” of up to 20 prison guards killed Samuel Harrell on April 21 at Fishkill Correctional Facility in Beacon, N.Y., charge his family and community supporters. They are seeking justice for this 30-year-old African-American prisoner. No charges have yet [...]
  • Birmingham low-wage workers rally outside St. Vincent’s Hospital, June 22.
    Low-wage workers are winning big victories in their continuing struggle to raise wages and strengthen rights for those in the lowest-paid jobs in the U.S. After steady pressure from “Fight for $15,” the City Council of Birmingham, Ala., passed an ordinance on Aug. [...]
  • dominican_haitian_0903
    On Saturday morning, Aug. 22, the organization “We are all Dominicans” held a protest at the Dominican Republic Consulate in New York City’s Times Square to demand “No deportations, here or there!” Some Haitians and progressive North Americans, as well as [...]
  • Muslims in united march against Saudi destruction in Yemen and Syria.WW photo: Anne Pruden
    Demonstrators marched from the United Nations to the Saudi U.N. Mission on Aug. 21 to protest the kingdom’s persecution of Shia Muslims and its refusal to allow the rebuilding of Islamic graves and holy sites it has destroyed. They demanded the release of imprisoned [...]
  • uaw_0730
    Several dozen autoworkers expressed their feelings at the “Autoworker Speakout” in Detroit on Aug. 23. This annual event, organized by the rank-and-file advocacy group “Autoworker Caravan,” is an opportunity for autoworkers to voice their anger about the [...]
  • Northwestern quarterback Kain Colter announces that Northwestern football players are forming the first labor union for college athletes on January 28, 2014.
    Nearly a year and a half after the regional director of the National Labor Relations Board declared that Northwestern University football players have the right to unionize, the national board reversed that decision. Citing the need for “stability in labor [...]
  • Joe Johnson with Ed Childs, Larry Hales and Bryan G. Pfeifer of Workers World Party.
    Picture this: You have fallen in your own home and can’t get up. You live alone and the telephone is at one end of a long hall. You are lying at the other end. Joe Johnson with Ed Childs, Larry Hales and Bryan G. Pfeifer of Workers World Party. Joe Johnson of [...]
  • migrants_0910
    Behind the horror stories about the treatment of migrants trying to reach Europe is the imperialist system of exploitation of their countries of origin, the policies exacerbating this exploitation and the imperialist wars that made their home countries unlivable for [...]


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