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Articles by Abayomi Azikiwe

Sixty years after Freedom Charter, South Africa struggle continues

June 30, 2015

Events that took place on June 25-26, 1955, in Kliptown, South Africa, represented a turning point in the national liberation struggle in that apartheid-dominated state. Several thousand people met at the Congress of the People, which brought together a broad alliance of oppressed groups. Africans, [...]

Yemeni peace talks sabotaged in Geneva

June 28, 2015

After nearly a week of discussions in Geneva, Switzerland, United Nations talks to end the fighting in Yemen have adjourned with no resolution to the months-long war. These talks broke down after the Yemeni politician backed by the Saudi Arabian and Gulf Cooperation Council, the ousted fugitive [...]

Charleston massacre and the legacy of Denmark Vesey

June 23, 2015

The racist attack on the Mother Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston was a planned and premeditated assault on the legacy of struggle waged by the African-American people for two centuries in South Carolina. Corporate media reports on the shooting seek to minimize its [...]

African Union overshadowed by attacks on Sudan

June 21, 2015

A concerted campaign to disrupt the African Union Summit held June 7-15 in the Republic of South Africa used charges by the International Criminal Court against standing Sudanese President Omar Hassan al-Bashir, who was recently re-elected by a wide margin in the oil-rich north central African [...]

Talks stall as Saudis bomb Yemeni cities

June 18, 2015

On June 15, bombs hit the Old City of Yemen’s capital, Sanaa. In the first announced attempt to reach a political settlement, United Nations talks began June 15 — with the Ansurallah rebels absent — in Geneva, ostensibly seeking to end the escalating imperialist-coordinated war against the [...]

Can U.N. talks bring peace to Yemen?

June 13, 2015

June 8 — Even though peace talks are slated to begin on June 14 in Geneva between the major parties involved in the conflict over control of Yemen, the fighting rages on inside this underdeveloped Middle Eastern state. Prior to the announcement of the U.N.-sponsored talks, discussions were taking [...]

African-American and Palestine liberation

June 13, 2015

A series of opinion articles have been published recently in Newsweek contradictorily condemning and praising the Barack Obama administration’s efforts to reassure the state of Israel that United States imperialism is on its side all the way in suppressing and eliminating the Palestinian people. [...]

Cops on killing rampage

June 3, 2015

Reign of racist terror MLK Day march in Detroit on Jan. 19.WW photo: Abayomi Azikiwe Police agencies in the United States are not moderating their brutal and murderous actions against African Americans and other oppressed peoples. Rebellions in Ferguson, Mo., and Baltimore have shed light on the [...]

No end in sight to U.S.-coordinated war against Yemen

June 2, 2015

Saudi Arabian bombs kill Yemeni civilians. Another Shiite mosque was bombed in Sunni-dominated Saudi Arabia on May 29, as Saudi airstrikes continued against Yemen. The war in Yemen is over whether the people of that country, the most underdeveloped in the region, can achieve and maintain their [...]

Burkina Faso: Sankarist parties form united front

May 30, 2015

Ten political parties claiming to uphold the political legacy of martyred Burkina Faso Marxist and Pan-Africanist revolutionary Thomas Sankara have formed an alliance. The unity agreement came several months after a national uprising which ousted former coup-leader-turned-president Blaise [...]
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