Stolen Lives rally focuses on Eric Garner

Stolen Lives rally focuses on Eric GarnerA “Stolen Lives” rally was held near the Brooklyn, N.Y., public housing where police victim Eric Garner of Staten Island once lived. A September 1994 victim of killer cops, Nicolas Heywood had lived in the same downtown Brooklyn public housing. The rally’s organizers noted that New York Police Department cops had now killed 368 people since Heywood died. Among a large number of supporters of this Feb. 22 rally was Juanita Young, mother of a year 2000 victim of plainclothes cops’ bullets in his family’s Bronx home: young Malcolm Ferguson. Juanita Young, who has disabilities, is still traveling to Harlem, Manhattan and Brooklyn rallies to demand justice. Called by the Oct. 22 Coalition for the Stolen Lives Project, the rally ended with the singing of “I Can’t Breathe,” the popular song inspired by the last words of Eric Garner as he was dying from suffocation from an unwarranted police choke hold last summer.