Milwaukee community protests killer cops

Photo: Occupy Riverwest

Photo: Occupy Riverwest

Milwaukee — A crowd of labor, community and student supporters of the Dontre Hamilton family and other victims of police killings and other brutality packed Red Arrow Park in Milwaukee on Sept. 30 to demand justice. The action marked five months since Milwaukee cop Christopher Manney shot Hamilton 14 times at the park, killing him instantly.

Dontre Hamilton’s family members and those of others killed by the police and vigilantes spoke at the protest. One was Craig Stingley, father of 16-year-old African-American Corey Stingley, who was murdered by white vigilantes in December 2012 in West Allis, Wis.

To date, Milwaukee District Attorney John Chisholm refuses to charge Manney with any crime whatsoever despite repeated demands he do so by the Hamilton family and numerous community supporters. The response of Milwaukee’s police chief, Ed Flynn, has been to send cops to attack and menace protesters demanding justice. On more than one occasion, the Democratic mayor, Tom Barrett, has refused to meet with the Hamilton family. This has provoked the community response, a series of protests, including taking street actions such as briefly shutting down highway ramps, packing Fire and Police Commission meetings and more.

The Coalition For Justice, sponsor of the Sept. 30 protest, released a statement on its Facebook page immediately following the action:

“Thank you to everyone who came to stand with us for justice for, and in honor of, Dontre Hamilton. Everyone who has marched with us, sang with us, made his name ring through Milwaukee with us, all of our endorsers, the Overpass Light Brigade and everyone who helped carry the light, the folks at the All Peoples Church, and especially the other families who have lost their loved ones at the hands of police officers and white vigilantes — we honestly cannot thank you enough for standing with us tonight. We stand with you and will continue to stand for justice until we win.”

To join the protest, call Milwaukee DA John Chisholm’s office to demand Christopher Manney be charged in the killing of Dontre Hamilton: 414-278-4646 and/or email: [email protected]

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